Loving these Nude Pumps: A Lux Look for Less

First of all, you’re welcome. I know, I know. You’ve been searching all over the planet for the perfect nude pumps, but you aren’t Victoria Beckham and we aren’t living in 2008 anymore – money is tight. Maybe you just can’t rationalize spending $600-$1500 for a pair of killer Louboutins like you once did.  Maybe you just like designer stuff, but you’re a bargain-hunter at heart. Read on my savvy, stylish friend!

This is the pair of shoes that will save your soul. Or at least put a big smile on your face for a day or so. These are the ‘Caryssa’ Pumps from Steve Madden and they come in black and BLUSH PATENT. Oh yes! You know, blush is the new black this year.

Anyway, it retails for only $89 at Nordstrom in lots of sizes. I can speak from experience, it’s a comfortable shoe. You will frown at it in the store because it looks ridiculously painful, but it isn’t. In fact, I’ve worn them for hours at a time and never had to take them off, defeated by 5″ stiletto pain.

What’s great about these shoes is they work with everything – dresses, jeans, skirts, pants – for any occasion. And they go with every color. They go a long way towards giving you a lean look and stretching your profile (and your legs) sky-high. Get ready to get lots of compliments too. My best friend threatened my life over these shoes. Awe, she loves me that much. And if you’re really sad about missing out on the Louboutins (the real deal will cost ya $735 – pictured below), go get a small jar of red Apple Barrel and paint yourself silly.

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