Because Mommy Needs a Paperie

Yes, a paperie. And if you don’t know what a paperie is you might also need a dictionary. Ouch. Snap! Sorry, MommyQ hasn’t had enough coffee today. Anyway…

If you don’t have a paperie like Polka Dot Design – that makes your mouth water and your heart skip a beat, you’re totally missing out on party-throwing fun. From adorably tiny cupcake toppers to swoon-worthy invitations to knock-your-stilettos-off party favors, a reliable paperie is one of life’s perfect pleasures.

I think every mom needs a one-stop-shop for baby shower and birthday party inspiration. This fact is especially true if you’re like me, up to your knees in diapers, sippy cups, Goldfish crackers and a ponytail is your standard hairdo. Trying to be the creative party hostess can be as tricky as making my spirited 2-year-old get a haircut or trying to convince my 5-year-old that cauliflower doesn’t smell bad.

This is why I love Polka Dot Design. Struggling with a great teacher gift? Not sure what to do for a party favor? Need a dinosaur centerpiece? Of course you do. And you’ll find all of this and much more that will get your creative juices flowing.

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