Trying the OFF! Clip-On: My Bug Pager

“Calling all bugs! Calling all bugs! Do not come within inches of this fresh meat!” If my OFF! Clip-On device could speak, that’s what it would say. It might also say, “Paging Dr. Ryan.” It kinda looks like a pager or something. A pager/fan/Walkman without the headphones.

I bought it a few weeks ago and just tried it out for the first time. You see, if I walk outside for 3 seconds, I get 1,000 mosquito bites and my oldest child is the same way. I read once that bugs sense anxiety and that’s why they bite. I’m not buying that particular brand of logic, but I’m a victim nonetheless. No matter how much repellent we wear – be it sweet-smelling-lotion or peels-your-skin-off harsh – nothing works.

The Clip-On is very easy to use and is just a tiny fan that circulates repellent. It even has a nifty “use-up indicator” to tell you when you need a refill. You can clip it on or place it near you if you’re sitting still. I clipped it on my kiddo and it seemed to work. It’s totally odorless and very quiet. Just make sure you turn it off when you’re done. One of my friends said it’s just a silly gadget and accused me of being a marketer’s dream. That may be true, but if they made an animal-print Clip-On I’d be wearing it to outdoor events with heels & a cocktail dress. 🙂

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