BLOG: Love the Concept, Hate the Word

(blŏg) – Blog – Blogger –

Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging and have been doing it as MommyQ with questionable success for about two years. The one thing I hate about blogging is actually saying the word BLOG. There’s just something annoying about how the word sounds. “I’m a blogger. I have a mom blog.” Too many “blah” sounds. It’s just not phonetically attractive. It almost like you’re just going to throw up mid-sentence. “I’m a <insert vomit here> for a few parenting communities.”

I’ve tried to avoid using the word in conversation and I end up sounding more idiotic than usual. For example,

Q: What do you do?

A: I write for various weblogs.

Weblog? That sounds even worse. Like a creature from Lord of The Rings. “Keep an eye out for weblogs, Froto. They intend to steal the Ring.” Am I being overly sensitive to the word? Does anyone else who blogs find it slightly awkward. Drop me a line. Noodling moms want to know. 😉

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