What’s In and Out for Spring: 5 Fab Fashion Predictions

“OUT” – Elastic Ballerina Flats
Are these still hot? Really? Still? Come on, people. How long must we deal with embellished, scrunched, elasticized flats? No matter how expensive or cute you think you look in them, they are like Robeez for women. Sashay on outta here! You’re nothing better than a glorified gymnastic shoe.

“IN” – Bondage Pants
I really hope this trend started by Rag & Bone catches on this spring. The Bondage Pant is a snazzy pair of jeans with zippers up the back of the leg, so they can be cinched super-skinny. And for those donut days, you can unzip them to give your jiggle some wiggle room. I’m all for a skinny nation and if we can’t actually be thin, let’s all fake it in 2010.

“OUT” – Peep-toe Ankle Boot Flip Flops
I’ve never fully understood the infatuation with this shoe. Flip boot? Boot flop? Your ankles can be warm and snuggly, yet your toes are free to wiggle and roam? And what makes them even worse is the ridiculous price tag. You’d think because half of the boot is missing, the price would be lower. Happy trails, you unsavory halfling!

“IN” –  Huge Chunky Necklaces
I hope spring brings more enormous, multi-stranded, chunky necklaces with all of the charms, trinkets, beads, bells & whistles possible. Nothing makes me happier than jewelry with substance. I love the way these heavy necklaces add drama and interest to any outfit. It’s nice to see designers are finally embracing Flavor Flav’s vision of beauty.

“OUT” – The Botox Bunny Nose
Ladies, the right amount of Botox looks magnificent. But there is such a thing as overkill, right? The difference between a flawless face and a frozen robot is about 50 units. It’s like two syringes too many. I’ve never seen it on the women I know personally, but I have noticed said “bunny nose” on many female celebrities. Due to the unnatural lack of muscle movement in the face (caused by years of too much Botox), the nose starts to crinkle like a bunny, yet it just creates a while new patch of weirdo wrinkles. I know it sounds silly, but take it slow when it comes to shooting your face full of Botulinum Neurotoxin.

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