Happy Handbags: Rock Your Ruffle For Less

I’m in love with all of the fabulous ruffle/flower handbags. I’ve seen so many incredible options in every color under the rainbow. I haven’t bought one for myself yet, because I can’t find the perfect one. In my mind, one huge rose/ruffle purse is plenty, so it’s gotta be 100% perfection. I’m not planning on a shelf in my closet dedicated to ruffles. Well, not yet.


Take a look at how you can rock a ruffle for less. Pictured above you will find a stunning Valentino Rose Tote that retails for about $1600. You can find it at Saks. If you don’t happen to have almost $2k sitting around in your designer purse fund, do not fear! There are plenty of affordable options.


Here is a beautiful Rosette Hobo bag at Bebe. It comes in black or metallic and retails for $99 – $129. Not too shabby


You can also find a smaller version at Bebe. It’s the Rosette Crossbody Clutch and this lil’ beauty comes in two colors. It retails for $64 – $69.


Another option is the Big Buddha “Mia” Rose Dome Satchel. Wow, that’s a mouthful. You can find it in a shade of pale pink at Dillards for $88. I know it looks nude, but it says “pink.”


If you like the ruffles more than the flower, check out this tote from Steve Madden. It’s the Ruffle Satchel and it comes in three colors. It retails for $88. Happy shopping, ladies!

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