My Five Mommy Must-Haves


Before I had children, I imagined the products I couldn’t live without. A magnificent pram with gorgeous white fluffy linens, a Baby Bjorn that would be glued to my chest, a designer diaper bag with perfectly sized pockets and so on. Fast forward to five years later and the reality of that list is laughable. (Aside from A-list celebs living in New York, who buys prams anyway?)

My list is nothing shocking or brand new that will blow you away. It’s not an “ah-ha” moment. “My goodness, how did I ever live without that?” But it’s real and it’s mine. (Now there are a few exceptions. I did not list my Blackberry because a cell phone is too obvious, nor did I list my iPod or digital camera for the same reason.) I welcome other moms to chime in and let me know what you can’t live without.

#1 – CHI Flat Iron
If my CHI breaks, I buy a new one that day. I don’t shop price or go without it. It MUST be replaced instantly. That is how much I love my CHI. This is the definition of brand loyalty. As I’ve said before, I have no idea how I ever looked decent without this thing. Maybe I didn’t have kids and I could spend time primping and properly applying makeup with brushes. Well, those days are long gone.

#2 – Clorox Wipes
I love to clean with bleach that doesn’t smell like bleach. That being said, I’m addicted to Clorox Wipes. I could use one canister in a week if the mood strikes. I am actually sad when I reach the last wipe. Yes, it’s highly toxic and that’s what makes it work. Duh…

#3 – Starbucks VIA
For instant coffee fans like myself, Starbucks VIA is a definite must-have. I am so in love with these tiny packets of joy, it’s quite pathetic. Who has time for a pot of coffee to brew? I want my steaming hot caffeine as fast as scientifically possible. I rank this item right up there with toilet paper and mascara.

#4 – Pampers Cruisers
People say all diapers are the same. Those people are smoking crack. All diapers are NOT the same and I think Pampers Cruisers are the best EVER. I will not allow any other diaper brand near my child. Both of my children have used these and we have experienced no leaks, no mess, no falling off, no droopy butt, etc. If a teacher accidentally puts the wrong diaper on my child, I’m totally upset. How. Dare. You.

#5 – Lip Venom
Nothing says you look pretty like painful lip gloss. I’ve been using this stuff for years and I’ve tried a zillion other lip glosses too. Lip Venom by DuWop is the best plumping lip gloss by a landslide. You have to get used to the stinging, hot sensation and when you do, it’s incredible. Warning: Don’t apply Lip Venom and drink a hot cup of tea or coffee. Your face may explode. Now that’s plump!

P.S. MommyQ does not get paid by the companies I blog about. I am not trying to sell the products I mention, nor am I officially endorsing them. These are just my opinions and I like to give them away for FREE. Awe, I’m so sweet.

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