Why I Hate Laundry: Let Me Count The Ways


I hate laundry. I hate every aspect of doing laundry. Why does the act of cleaning clothes have to be so complicated?

1. – Never enough detergent – No matter how many huge bottles of detergent I buy, it seems the bottle is always empty. I even resort to pouring water into the partially empty bottle and using that part water-part detergent mixture for at least one or two loads of laundry.  Also, who wants to buy those huge bottles and lug them around the grocery store??? I hate that.

2. – Sneaky stains – I always miss that one terribly stained shirt. It manages to avoid the Shout spray and makes its way into the dryer where the stain is there forever. I’ve tried every type of stain remover and nothing really impresses me.  BTW, have you noticed the weird settings on the Shout bottle? I get the ‘spray’ concept, but who needs a ‘stream’? Come on, really? A stream? Please. I hate that.

3. – Jeans – Oh, the horror of washing and drying jeans. I have a few dark ones that continually bleed in the washer. I have no idea how they aren’t totally absent of color now, but they turn light-colored clothes an odd shade of blueish. I never remember until I’ve accidentally tossed them into the wash. Then they get dried to a crisp in the dryer and it takes me two days to stretch them out enough so they’re comfortable. And then they are dirty and the whole vicious cycle starts again. I hate that.

4. – Socks – Nothing bugs me more than matching up clean socks. That chore has become exponentially worse since having children. Should they be rolled together into some type of ‘sock onion’ or does that ruin the elastic? Should they be folded or just thrown together in a drawer?I won’t even explain the obvious missing sock scenario. I hate that too.

5. – Special orders – We have way too many ‘special order’ laundry items that require too much personal attention. This shirt must be washed and immediately placed on a hanger. That shirt can only be dried for 10 minutes on low. That skirt is too small, so it can never even touch the air surrounding the dryer. That golf shirt has a fragile collar, so please fold it a certain way and then dry it. Those jeans can only be washed for 5 minutes on the third Tuesday of any month ending in an “r” – and the insanity continues. I hate that.

What ticks you off about laundry???

One thought on “Why I Hate Laundry: Let Me Count The Ways

  1. Mama Jane says:

    I used to hate finding folded clothes back in the laundry hamper! DD # 3 was the usual culprit. She hated putting up her clothes so they’d get dumped back in the hamper. Also, this stuff takes out even dryer’ed in stains- spray n wash max with resolve in the hot pink bottle. trust me, ‘m a grandma with six kids and seven grands who played every sport known to man. This stuff WORKS.

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