BlueAvocado: Beautiful Bags in Bloom

blue-acocadoGrocery shopping gotcha down? Well, turn that frown around in an eco-friendly kinda way. Call it “grocery shopping nirvana” at its best. A reusable grocery bag system that does the thinking for you.  All you have to do is…well, shop! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

This is the gro-pak™ from BlueAvocado and it will revolutionize the way you shop for good. From large multi-use bags to tidy totes to ventilated grocery bags, this system has everything you need to be smart, safe and oh-so-stylish in the process.

Think of it as the new “pod” you haven’t heard of yet, but you’ll love it just as much as those other pods you’ve come to cherish.  See, these reusable bags bags fold into themselves, creating handy dandy little pods you can transport with ease. I’ve used them myself and they are just amazing. Check out the library of kits to find the perfect one for your shopping lifestyle.  Remember, these eco-kits replace 6-15 plastic bags per trip.


Aside from the fabulous products, the company itself was founded by an equal amount of fabulocity.  A couple of momprenuers and a hip little green maven decided right, convenient and cute should be easy to do, especially if you’re new to the green life.

Recently featured in one of my favorite magazines, Real Simple, and also mentioned in Daily Candy, BlueAvocado is a name you should know. What are you waiting for? Go shopping!

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