No More Julianne on Dancing with the Stars

In a blog post a few months ago, I referred to Julianne Hough as a little thunderbolt of heaven. Alas, she announced today no more Dancing with Stars, at least not the next season. She wants to be taken more seriously and focus on her singing career. <Sigh!>

Julianne is awesome because she just seems like the nice funny goofy gal-next-door who just happens to be an incredible dancer and extremely ridiculously annoyingly hands-down flat-out stunningly beautiful. She’s so likable, you’re happy for her no matter how skimpy her glittery cheesy outfit may be.

I won’t even explain why guys like her. Let’s just say, she’s cute. Anyway…

I’m sad to see her go because she brings a youthful energy to the show that is refreshing. From one Dancing with the Stars fan to Julianne, best of luck.  Look out country music, a smart blonde bomshell is headed your way!

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