Enough of the Motion-Activated Shrieking Decorations in Drug Stores! Ahhhh!

Rushing to the drug store after work to pick up essentials, I’m walking through the door at Walgreen’s making a mental list in my head of the things I need, “diapers, formula, milk…” When all of the sudden a maniacal voice starts shrieking at me!!!! My heart skips a beat and I nearly jump out of my skin. I quickly realize I’ve triggered one of those annoying motion-activated Halloween witches. Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! I hate those things!

I’m not sure when drug stores started hanging those creepy cackling motion sensor Halloween decorations all over the place, but enough is enough. You know the ones I’m talking about. The hanging prop with the little witch face or the skull that screams and cackles at you when you get too close. Some of them wiggle and shake too, and actually have strange little skeleton hands that move. Ugh!

As a mom, I have to avoid the drug store at all costs during the month of October. One-year-olds and four-year-olds don’t react well to a loud unexpected blood-curling scream. Go figure. If I do have to take them into the store with me, we have to walk in a huge circle to avoid the decorations. You never know where they’ve hung those things. It’s like walking through a land mine – you don’t want to accidentally set one off.

A few weeks ago, I forgot. I had both boys with me. I was carrying my smiling little baby into the store and holding my happy preschooler’s hand. We took two steps too far and set off a witch. Oh no! As soon as the screeching started, I knew I was in trouble. I quickly looked at both boys and all I saw was sheer panic. Then the crying started. I tried to comfort them, but nothing helped. They were legitimately terrified. Way to go, drug store!

Sure, it’s fun to scare older children. Some people just love getting a rise out of older trick-or-treaters. But what about the little kiddos? These decorations make neighborhood trick-or-treating a bit iffy. Little ones aren’t expecting that as they eagerly run up to the door to ring the doorbell! Look, I love Halloween as much as the next pumpkin-loving, ghost-adoring holiday enthusiast, but please – PLEASE!- enough with the motion-activated decorations. Come on, people. Not cool.

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