Closet Confessions: What Does Messy Really Mean?

I’m what most people would call a neat freak. I like my home to be organized and clutter-free. Every night before going to bed, I tidy up. Dirty dishes go in the dishwasher, I wipe down kitchen counters, I pick up all of the toys, etc. Clutter makes me sad. And germs totally gross me out.

So why, oh why, is my closet such a disaster?!? I could make an excuse by saying it’s not a super-duper huge master closet with fancy drawers and shoe trees, but that really doesn’t matter. I can’t seem to complete the simple task of hanging a shirt on a hanger. I repeat, hanging a shirt on a hanger! It takes like 5 seconds to hang a shirt. I’m smart enough to know it’s not a huge imposition on my life, but I can’t do it. I have to mentally prepare myself to hang clothes. And folding clothes? Forget about it. Never happens on a daily basis. I loathe folding clothes. The thought of folding clothes seriously depresses me. I would rather change the litter box every day than fold clothes.

My closet, which I share with my hubby, is just messy and unorganized. There aren’t piles of shoes scattered about or dirty clothes piled high, but it’s just not functional. No matter what I do, I  can’t make it work. In fact, I avoid my closet because it’s so frustrating. And my make-up, lotions, cleaners and jewelry is a mess too.

A few months ago, I heard a psychologist on TV say that messy parts of your home reflect messy parts of your life. The rationale would be my closet is messy because I’m not happy with some aspect of my life that has to do with my clothes. I subconsciously don’t like my appearance? I’m not comfortable with my outer shell? My outer me?

Maybe it makes sense. The closets in the rest of the house are all neatly organized, even the ones with junky stuff in them. Does that mean I’m comfortable with all other apsects of my life? Interesting concept. Agree or disagree?

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