Sneak Peek: The Juicy Couture Buggy, A Truly Luxurious Stroller

MommyQ attended the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas last weekend. This is the biggest show of the year where manufacturers promote their hot new products for 2009. Well, MommyQ is totally obsessed with the new Juicy Couture Buggy, a product boasting Juicy style and Maclaren innovation. This exclusive stroller will be in Neiman Marcus stores for about 3 months, and then available in select specialty baby product stores.

As you can see from the images, the stroller’s color scheme is soft pink and a yummy chocolate brown. The bunting cover is lined with

rich faux fur and has “Juicy Princess” stitched on it. The cushions and lining are quilted and extremely soft to the touch. The thick stripes are playful and sophisticated. It’s absolutely gorgeous in person.

MommyQ actually heard from an insider that the pink and brown is so popular that they may be making a baby blue and brown option so mommies with boys (or mommies that don’t like pink) won’t miss out on this fabulocity! This stroller won’t be easy to find, so don’t be surprised if they come and go very quickly. Spread the word! Be on the lookout for this one-of-a-kind buggy in late November 2008. And guess who will have this beauty in-stock, BabyEarth.

2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: The Juicy Couture Buggy, A Truly Luxurious Stroller

  1. i have seen this buggy every were now,i have seen it on gumtree for sale at £110 and even being given away for free or i have seen a few on ebay thats the best place to buy i think.good luck
    oh by the way mother care is bringing out baby k pushchair for £75 i thing thats lovely check it out
    take care and good luck


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