Playing the “Does that Make Me Crazy?” Game

During my 45-minute commute to work this morning, I happened to hone in on a funny morning show bit. They’re usually too obnoxious to handle, but this one was different. In fact, it had me laughing out loud (yes, LOL) in the car!

The segment was called, “Does that Make Me Crazy?” and listeners would call in and talk about their odd/eccentric or just plain crazy idiosyncrasies. One caller was a med student and said she never touched pages of diseases out of fear of catching them. For example, if during her studies she comes across a photo of a child with measles, she would never touch that page because she didn’t want to get measles.

Another caller said she was afraid of Claymation cartoons due to the freakiness factor. The movie Wallace & Grommit scared her to death! A male caller said he made up stories and did improv routines for his 3 cats, Stupid, Sexy and Claudia. A female caller said when she brushed her teeth, she had to brush her tongue until she gagged or she felt she didn’t do a thorough enough job.

I was rolling! It made me think of my own goofy idiosyncrasies – one in particular came to mind. Every time I board an airplane, I must knock on the outside of the plane upon entering the doorway. I started doing it the first time I flew as an adult, which was probably over 15 years ago. I’ve done it every single time I’ve flown. It’s a subtle knock, but in my head it’s an absolute must. Obviously it’s an invented superstition that has no real impact on my safety, but it’s very important to me. Does that make me crazy? Or just delusional?

So MommyQ readers, what do you do that makes you crazy?

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