11 Pounds of Luxury: UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller

When it comes to lightweight strollers, the UPPAbaby G-Luxe is the heavyweight champ.  Similar to its older sibling, the G-LiTE, the G-Luxe fully reclines. In fact, it is the lightest full-size reclining umbrella stroller in the U.S., weighing in at only 11 pounds. Oh, mama!

The G-Luxe has a huge laundry list of outstanding features like adjustable recline from upright to 120 degrees, pop-out SPF 50 visor, stands when folded, aluminum frame, removable cup holder and many more. Maximum weight is 40 pounds, so it will last into the preschool years. It comes is a variety of gender neutral color combinations too. Retails for $160 at BabyEarth.

Pirate Ship for Toddlers, Ahoy!

This ship may have set sail last year, but it’s still a wonderful toy for youngsters. Thanks to chunky wooden pirates that are easy to grasp and the perfectly sized playset, the Play Town Pirate Ship is a favorite with little kiddos. The working anchor, spinning wheel, cannonball launcher and telescope are interactive, yet no small pieces to keep up with or worry about. It also comes with a cute board book as an added bonus. The ship is on wheels so it can scoot without waves. A few left at Amazon.

Bing Books: Bingo! Bongo! Brilliant!

My youngest son got another goodie for Christmas, his first Bing Bunny book. This is a beautifully illustrated delight called Bing: Make Music. Bing and his friends use a variety of household items to explore music, just like my son. The author, Ted Dewan, has won many awards in the UK. If you haven’t seen these books, you must check them out. Available at Amazon. It’s a Bing Thing!

Muddy Cloud is Insanely Cute

As unique as a cloud and as messy as a mud pie.  Hold on to your beanie hats folks, you may fall in love.

Muddy Cloud is a one-of-a-kind, too-cool-for-school company that makes hats, mittens and dolls. Who knew fleece could be so spiffy? The family of products consists of cute little characters like Joop, Doot, Tada, Balob and Beep. (Baby Bit-O will be making an appearance soon.) Each character has its own hat, mittens and a matching doll. You’ve gotta visit the Muddy Cloud site to see the cuteness for yourself. Thanks to Flash Monkey Studios for such an enjoyable online experience!

So Long Gingerbread Men, Hello Shiny Pawns

Remember the old school gingerbread men who seemed to fall down for no reason? Ah, memories. Just like every other game we played as children, Candy Land has been enhanced, polished and shined. The Candy Land Deluxe game comes with sculpted pawns featuring the classic Candy Land characters: King Kandy, Mr. Mint, Princess Frostine and Lolly.  Wait a minute, I didn’t even know the characters had names.  When did that happen? The names I remember are Orange Gingerbread Man, Red Gingerbread Man and so on.

I L-O-V-E-D playing Candy Land as a child. And this is how I remember it. (Looking at it now, it doesn’t seem as wild and crazy as it did back then.)  I think one of the main reasons we loved the game was because we were a bit candy-deprived as kids.

I cheered for joy passing the Ice Cream Floats and shed a few tears when I got stuck in Molasses Swamp. What was your favorite rest stop in Candy Land?

Maternity Must Have: BellaBand

The BellaBand is a solution to all of the fashion-related twists and turns you’ll encounter during your pregnancy. Oh, how I wish these had been around when I was expecting! Too big for your normal clothes, yet too small for maternity clothes? Read on…

It’s a seamless-knit, ultra-soft, thick, stretchy band of fabric. The top hem is wide and flat to reduce lines under your favorite shirts. The bottom hem is double-sewn to prevent riding up. It actually grips your pants, skirts and shorts. (Ingrid Carney is one clever mommy!)

Why so great? Because you can wear your favorite pre-pregnancy jeans unbuttoned, pull the BellaBand over them with your favorite shirt and – Voila! A perfectly cute outfit. You’ll probably start using it around 18 weeks or so. Towards the end of your pregnancy you’ll love it, because all of your elastic waistbands will start to get pushed down by your big belly. The BellaBand will keep you covered. See how it works! Now available at BabyEarth in a variety of styles. A wonderful baby shower gift!

The Most Sophisticated Toddler Chair Ever

Your toddler might not appreciate the sleek lines and modern appeal of this chair and ottoman, but you will. This is Ava, a toddler chair for the hip family and their trendy tot. Designed by Droolicious favorite, Jennifer DeLonge, this chair accommodates a child from 1 to 4 years old.

DeLonge offers a huge selection of gorgeous fabrics to ensure Ava fits fabulously with your existing decor. Choose cotton, microsuede, velveteen, linen and vintage prints. Pricing depends on fabric choice. Chair $299 to $469. Ottoman $169 to $299. Express your style with Jennifer DeLonge.