Lovely Leggins for Baby Girl

Looking for something fun for your little princess? Check out these cute “no sag, no snag” capri leggins. And you should see the adorable gift box they arrive in!

These are the Zippity Doo Da Leggins from Angela Frost. They come in five vibrant color options, so your princess can wear them with everything! Each pair come in an adorable gift box with a butterfly card. Perfect for gift giving! Find them at baby boutiques nationwide. They retail for under $35. Check out for pics and store locations.

Happy Handbags: Rock Your Ruffle For Less

I’m in love with all of the fabulous ruffle/flower handbags. I’ve seen so many incredible options in every color under the rainbow. I haven’t bought one for myself yet, because I can’t find the perfect one. In my mind, one huge rose/ruffle purse is plenty, so it’s gotta be 100% perfection. I’m not planning on a shelf in my closet dedicated to ruffles. Well, not yet.


Take a look at how you can rock a ruffle for less. Pictured above you will find a stunning Valentino Rose Tote that retails for about $1600. You can find it at Saks. If you don’t happen to have almost $2k sitting around in your designer purse fund, do not fear! There are plenty of affordable options.


Here is a beautiful Rosette Hobo bag at Bebe. It comes in black or metallic and retails for $99 – $129. Not too shabby


You can also find a smaller version at Bebe. It’s the Rosette Crossbody Clutch and this lil’ beauty comes in two colors. It retails for $64 – $69.


Another option is the Big Buddha “Mia” Rose Dome Satchel. Wow, that’s a mouthful. You can find it in a shade of pale pink at Dillards for $88. I know it looks nude, but it says “pink.”


If you like the ruffles more than the flower, check out this tote from Steve Madden. It’s the Ruffle Satchel and it comes in three colors. It retails for $88. Happy shopping, ladies!

Step Aside Rast, Rag & Bone is in the House


When it comes to must-have jeans, there are lots of players to consider. From William Rast to Rock & Republic to Hudson and True Religion, women have lots of choices for designer denim. I’ve gotta take a minute to add another fave to that list – Rag & Bone.

Maybe you have a pair and maybe you don’t. Speaking from personal experience (thanks to a cool gift from the hubby for X-Mas), you might want to check them out. A friend of mine turned me onto them and they are really awesome. I don’t own this pair, but they make an adjustable skinny jeans called “The Bondage Pant.” I know it sounds (and looks) scary, but these make sense in some way. On the days when your skinny jeans feel too skinny, you just unzip them a bit for extra wiggle (or jiggle) room.You will have to pay a price for that kind of on-the-spot lipo – $237 to be exact.

If you haven’t tried on a pair of Rag & Bone yet, make your way over to your favorite boutique and treat yourself. You can see them online at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and find them at By George (in Austin).

Rompers Aren’t Just for Babies


In my opinion, this is either a fashion trend you love or hate. I can’t see people being on the fence about it. Rompers. First, don’t envision a little bubble onesie for infants. No, no, no. I’m talking about the one-piece short or pant outfit for women. Rompers are like jumpsuits and I love me some jumpsuits. No matter how many times styles change and trends emerge, a black jumpsuit is a timeless classic. I’m not kidding. And you either really like ’em or you really despise ’em. No blurry lines.

If done correctly and worn with the right accessories and ‘tude, I think these are awesome. In fact, MommyQ has one and I’m just waiting for the right time to wear it.

Check out this stylish number from Diesel, the Jubent Black Romper. F-U-N! What about this sporty one by Nanette Lepore, Three Grace Jumpsuit? How about going silky in this one by Twenty8Twelve?

Lemme make a little fashion prediction here, expect to see lots of women rocking the romper this summer. And if you hate it now, have no fears – you’ll like it soon enough.

Austinites Spring into Fashion, Yet Gwyneth Springs Out

Ready for bright cheery prints and vibrant colors? You can take a peek at spring fashion in Austin, TX, Thursday, February 19th at 8 p.m. at Molotov Cocktail Lounge. A fashion show and party benefiting the Easter Seals Central Texas – what a great way to celebrate a fantastic organization… and fashion!

Amy Schalk, owner of Soigné Boutique, promises an exciting look at the incoming styles for this spring. “As far as style goes, it is really across the board,” Schalk says.

The show will reflect this diversity, with more tailored European styling of London-based Ben Sherman and more whimsical flair via L.A.’s Voom, just to name two of the designers in the show. Schalk does offer one hint on style: “The asymmetrical kind of look is still in; the one-shoulder or off-shoulder things are still very popular.”

One color that has been hot everywhere else, but hasn’t crossed over into the fashion world, is green. Another hint from Schalk: this could be the year that changes. Learn more about the event here.

And speaking of fashion…when will tights be done? My friend and I were out last week and saw a girl wearing a short green and brown dress with brown tights. They looked totally wrong and my friend exclaimed, “I can’t wait for tights to be over with!” I couldn’t agree more. What’s wrong with exposed legs? Uhm, nothing. I saw this pic of Gwyneth from the Grammy Awards and all I can say is YUCK! Why would she decide to wear those hideous silver tights, especially with open-toe heels. Sorry, they just look so stupid. The outfit would’ve been amazing had she ditched them. Too bad, Gwynny. Major fashion faux pa!