Major Cuteness: 3 Rachel Zoe Worthy Coats for Girls

Rachel Zoe Style

I started watching the Rachel Zoe Project this season and it took me a while to get into it. Now, I’m a fan. There’s something about Rachel that is endearing and the more you watch her, the more you like her. Yes, she could stand to eat a few thousand PB&J sandwiches and yes, she’s rather obsessed with clothes, but she’s a riot. I love the fact that such a tiny person is so into huge coats! It’s just amazing to me that coats seem to be her number one obsession. Which leads me to my latest post. If Rachel Zoe were a toddler, I think she’d wear these 3 fab coats.

Faux Fur Jacket for Little Girls

I’m not sure what you can say about this cute Faux Fur jacket for little girls other than “bananas” – sorry Rachel Zoe, I had to steal that one from you for this jacket. Yes, this is a mini, cropped, faux fur jacket for toddlers and little girls.  A Peter Pan collar, elbow-length sleeves and one button closure. Retails for $38.

If you’re not into faux fur, how about a little bolero jacket? I think Rachel might even be able to fit into these youth sizes. A flower, a ruffle collar and cap sleeves. It even comes in multiple colors like black, gold, silver and white. Shiny satin has never looked so sweet. Retails for $52.

Elodie and Elvis Coat

Get a load of this wonderful Elodie & Elvis ‘FerrisWheel’ wool blend coat. This coat even has a special roll-up wrist cuff, so it can grow with your stylish child. It’s made by a designer in Australia and right now only 4 of these coats are in stock. I think Rachel would appreciate the uniqueness of this beauty. You know how she loves her vintage traesures. It reatils for $270 in Australian Dollars.