Autism Rides Off Into The Sunset

Last night my 4-year-old son rode a bike. It probably doesn’t sound like a huge accomplishment to most parents, but it was a pretty special moment for us.

This time last year my son wouldn’t touch a bike. He hated all moving things – swings, tricycles, scooters, wagons, etc. We just thought he was scared, but it turns out most kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have balance problems resulting in motion aversions. It doesn’t feel right and they don’t fully understand what’s happening. Our OT therapist explained it to us as an uncomfortable feeling – like an itch you can’t scratch. ASD kids also have trouble with activities that require sequencing of little events like getting dressed, potty training or riding a bike.

My husband got home from work early yesterday, so we took the kiddos for a stroll. And a certain someone got to ride his bike. He can pedal and steer and stays on the road, although he thinks off-roading is much more fun. Watching him ride his shiny red Lightening McQueen bike (with training wheels that look like tires) and even steer it without any help, was kind of like watching autism pedal out of our lives.

Sure, he needed help from his daddy along the way when he would start going fast downhill and couldn’t quite figure out the brakes. From my perspective, he was just a normal kid riding his bike and were just a normal family enjoying a beautiful evening. These are the small triumphs that give us hope. We look forward to many more.

Tutu Dress is a Triumph in Tulle

I’m obsessed with these tutu dresses. Probably because I have boys and never ever buy frilly prissy girly clothes. And today, I couldn’t resist. It just seems so appropriate for a holiday about love, angels and fluffy stuff.

This lovely tulle Chantella Dress features a neckline adorned with flowers and pearls. It comes with a full length under skirt, from shoulder to below the knee. If this doesn’t make your little girl twirl around with glee, I’m not sure what will! It comes in sizes from 1-year to 8-years and four beautiful colors – lavender, pink, mint green and baby blue. Shop Butterfly Craze here.

Strolling with a Dynamic Duo in Italian Style

Double strollers have come a long way as far as features and maneuverability. From the simple to the extravagant, they come in all shapes and sizes. Did I already mention extravagant? Leave it to Peg Perego to create the ultimate buggy for your double dose of fun.

The Duette SW is fully equipped with a steering wheel for maximum control, individual stroller seats with hoods and leg covers for each child, centrally controlled brakes, large storage baskets and more. Not to mention the beautiful Italian upholstery that can be removed for cleaning.

You can also attach car seats to the chassis so you can transport infants with ease. The list of features goes on an on. And so does the pricetag – $970. Then again, single strollers like the Orbit, Bugaboo and Stokke cost around the same so maybe it’s a good deal after all. It also comes in a triplette version. Nothing for octuplets…yet…

Sippy Cup Schmippy Cup

Over the years I’ve purchased a zillion sippy cups. Popular ones, cheap ones, expensive ones, eco-friendly ones, throw-away ones, blue ones, green ones, insulated ones, little ones, big ones, cute ones, boring ones and the list goes on and on.

In the beginning they all work fine. Then one magical day – poof! – they leak constantly. It’s like they simply self-destruct. I stopped washing them in the dishwasher thinking that would help. Nope. To my dismay the one I’m currently using started leaking. And no, I’m not pouring carbonated drinks into them.

Moms, help me solve this sippy cup dilemma once and for all. What’s THE BEST one on the market? Do tell! I’ll be living in sippy cup land for another year, at least. If I encounter one more malfunctioning little goblet, my head just might explode.