Cool Duds for Your Lil’ Dude


I get soooo carried away with baby girl clothes that I often forget about the cute clothes for boys. Not trying to overlook the special little guys in our lives. Boys deserve to be dressed in hip duds too.

MommyQ really likes the new mix-and-match goodies from Gymboree. It must be hard to come up with original themes for boy clothes beyond puppy dogs, plaid and pirates. Look at this new ‘Stunt Man’ line. In theory, its’ pretty cool. In reality, I don’t think any mom wants her kid to be a stunt man. So let’s just focus on the cool, shall we?

Gymboree does the hard work for you by giving you an entire outfit. This guys is sporting the Vroom Motorcycle Tee, Motorcycle Camo Pants and the yellow Motorcycle Hoodie. You can see the entire collection here. It’s worth a peek!