Drooling Over Edgemont Skinny Jeans: Why Paige Floats My Boat

If you’re into zippers and super-skinny jeans, get a load of these beauties. This is my favorite pair right now. All bow down to the Paige Premium Edgemont Skinny Super Rebellious jeans. Yummy. Sure, they’ll cost you a cool $259, but what’s not to love? I adore Paige jeans too. I bought my first pair waaay back in the day and still wear them. The fit is fabulous and although they stretch a tad, it’s not to the point that they don’t fit anymore. There’s just something wonderful about the craftsmanship and the fit. I’m putting these on my Wish List this holiday season, but I don’t think I’ve been good enough. Darn my sarcastic ways.

Step Aside Rast, Rag & Bone is in the House


When it comes to must-have jeans, there are lots of players to consider. From William Rast to Rock & Republic to Hudson and True Religion, women have lots of choices for designer denim. I’ve gotta take a minute to add another fave to that list – Rag & Bone.

Maybe you have a pair and maybe you don’t. Speaking from personal experience (thanks to a cool gift from the hubby for X-Mas), you might want to check them out. A friend of mine turned me onto them and they are really awesome. I don’t own this pair, but they make an adjustable skinny jeans called “The Bondage Pant.” I know it sounds (and looks) scary, but these make sense in some way. On the days when your skinny jeans feel too skinny, you just unzip them a bit for extra wiggle (or jiggle) room.You will have to pay a price for that kind of on-the-spot lipo – $237 to be exact.

If you haven’t tried on a pair of Rag & Bone yet, make your way over to your favorite boutique and treat yourself. You can see them online at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and find them at By George (in Austin).