A Posh High Chair for $300 Bucks

If you’re ready to make an investment in your baby’s eating & snoozing, this might be the high chair of your dreams. It’s from a popular brand parents trust, phil & teds, and it’s fully loaded.

This is the Highpod High Chair and it’s even newborn-friendly. This is a great seating solution for babies who like eat & snooze because it’s fully adjustable. You can raise and lower baby with ease. It’s also very easy to clean, which is muy importante because babies are the messiest little critters ever, god bless ’em. Take a look at some of the cool features:

– Superior adjustability: newborn to toddler (45 pounds)
– 3-position recline for food fiesta & subsequent siesta
– Adjustable food tray to match seat angle
– Ergonomic hard shell with removable form-fit insert for wash & wear
– Quick, telescopic 5 position seat-height adjustment for stand & deliver feeding or table level family dining
– Single-handed easy-fit food tray & cross bar

Find this hip high chair at BabyEarth for $300.

Soapy Slippery Baby? No Problem.

If your baby is too big for the infant tub, yet too small for the full-size tub, this bath ring is a great option. You obviously have to watch babies in the bath like a hawk. And trying to feel secure with a slippery sudsy baby can make the process rather stressful. It’s like trying to hold onto a greased pig! Your lil’ monkey can have a great time in tub with the help of the Aquababy Bath Ring. This handy tool secures easily to the bottom of the tub and allows baby to sit up and splash, while staying safe. I dare you to find one sharp edge on this curved beauty.

The recommended ages are 7 months to 16 months, not to exceed 28 pounds. (I actually had to stop using it when my baby was about 11 months old, because he could shift his weight backwards and wiggle his legs out of it.) I found it especially helpful for bathing a baby and toddler together. They could play and interact without the fear of my older child accidentally knocking the baby into the water. Again, watching like a hawk at all times. Find it at Amazon for $30.

Baby Products Grow Up

Parents with contemporary homes and decor can finally breathe a well-deserved sigh of relief. They no longer have to sacrifice style for functionality. After all, parents make enough sacrifices as it is. Bloom has created a sleek sophisticated baby rocker sans ruffles and plaids.

At first glance, the Coco Baby Lounger just looks like an interesting piece of furniture. But its iconic form does far more than the eye can see. The lounger, which can equip infants up to 12 pounds, is built to give baby a smooth self-rocking experience. The design creates a comfortable “nest” environment for baby, which newborns love. Remember, infants are rather fond of tight spaces. It also has a 5-point adjustable padded safety harness.

What makes this lounger unique is the micro-suede/ micro-leatherette seat pads come in a variety of beautiful vibrant colors: Coconut White, Bermuda Blue, Harvest Orange, Midnight Black, Rock red and Henna Brown. The base frame also comes in a variety of different styles and finishes. The patented plexistyle is available in white or black, and the patented stylewood is available in Natural and Cappuccino. Combined with the various pad color options, parents can choose the perfect color combination. And baby can rock out in style.