When Good Clothes Go Bad

For some odd reason MommyQ has been obsessed with getting rid of old clothes.  I have boxes of maternity clothes, pre-belly clothes, post baby clothes, post-post baby clothes. Ugh! Every night after the kids go to sleep, I’ve been tackling my closet. Yes, what fun.

It’s interesting what you learn when you go through old clothes. First of all, I was HUGE when I was pregnant. I can probably fit two of me into some of my large maternity and post baby clothes. My friends scoff at me when I talk about it, but it’s true. I gained at least 55-60 pounds — twice!

I have a few pair of maternity items that I really wanted to burn. Why? Because donating them seems too nice.  It was about two weeks before I was scheduled to have my second c-section and none of my clothes fit. Well, I didn’t want to spend much because my days in maternity clothes were almost over. (Or so I thought.) I went to Motherhood and bought these atrocious khaki shorts that were about the ugliest shade of brown you’ve ever seen. And I bought this stretchy pair of black shorts with stupid tiny pockets on the back, so they give you bad “mom butt.” Anyway, I LIVED in these hideous shorts for weeks and weeks. Yep, I had to wear them FOREVER after the baby too.

In addition to the maternity clothes, I’ve discovered that some of my normal clothes have turned on me. They were cute and hip when I bought them, but as they hung in my closet, they transformed into odd articles of fabric that are no longer cute nor hip.  I bought this black and cream sweater-vest top that I loved and now when I try it on I look like the St. Pauli Girl or a French Maid. I have this dress that I loved when I bought it. Now when I try it on it looks more like a witch costume or something Stevie Nicks would’ve worn to a cocktail party. What was I thinking? What’s funny is some of the things I’ve bought and not really liked much are now my all-time favorites.

It’s hard when good clothes go bad. Have any clothes turned on you?