Worth A Million: A Priceless Picture

Your swoonworthy moment of the week, perhaps? Every so often MommyQ comes across a photo that just deserves to be posted. I don’t even know what it’s selling, but it must be shared & enjoyed. This is one of those pics. I think it’s the shoes…

It happens to be for Rhinestone Crown Bloomers at Posh Tots. Of course! When it comes to gorgeous photography and exquisite marketing, they’re hard to beat. A pair of bloomers retail for $24.

Send Your Toddler Off With A Roar


All mommies know that even at a very early age – like two – your child can destroy a backpack. I have no idea what happens to these little bags, but they take some serious abuse.  From rips and tears to splatters and drips, they never seem to look as great as they did on that historic ‘first day’ of school.

Why not go for cute and durable? This is Rory The Lion Little Kid Backpack. It is made from nylon and laminated canvas so it’s easy to clean. For extra comfort on little bodies, it has a padded  back panel and padded straps. It also has a patch on the back for your little cub’s name. It’s on sale now at Posh Tots for $36!

Hanging Letters: Buy ‘Em or Make ‘Em

These playful wooden letters can be upper or lower case and measure 10″ H.  All of the letter are hand-painted in black and white with either a red or black ribbon. Expect 12-14 weeks for shipping, so order early to make sure they arrive before baby! Retails for $78 at Post Tots. If you’re the creative type, keep reading…

I decided to do the letters in my son’s room myself. I found some big wooden white letters at Michaels and bought a bunch of paint colors. The hardest part was deciding what to paint, not how to paint it. I couldn’t get too creative because my painting skills aren’t that great. I also decided to do it all free-hand instead if drawing on the letters ahead of time.



I chose camo because it matches his existing wall art and then went with a few things my son likes. I chose flames to represent NASCAR and lightning bolts for Lightning McQueen. And so on for a few more letters. It took a while and I struggled with the cheapo paints. I suggest buying the good paint, not the tiny little sets.

But there’s something to be said for buying them too. They are quite beautiful, especially the black and white. Either way, you and your child will certainly enjoy them!