Little Miss Greeny-Greenpants

I’m loving these beautiful light green Mary Janes, and just in time for St. Patty’s Day! Your little girl might dance an Irish jig in these gorgeous Flower Mary Jane Slippers. Crafted of silk and velvet, they feature an elasticized heel for a perfect fit and black suede sole. The flowers, the color and the style make these perfect for any occasion – green or otherwise! $30 at Chasing Fireflies.

You can also find matching lime green tights in sizes 3/5 and 6/8 at Chasing Fireflies. They have an entire section dedicated to St. Patty’s Day. Green T-shirts for boys and green trimmed trucks, as well as those lovable ugly dolls. Here’s Green Poe Uglydoll – you can snatch him up for about $24.

Etsy Alertsy: PB&J (J for Jellyfish!)

At first mention, the thought of a peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich doesn’t sound too appealing. Then again, this little guy is cute enough to be considered edible. What a funny and unique plush toy. Available in raspberry, grape and strawberry. To see another pic of these critters, click here. Delish! Etsy.

Pottery Barn Kids Sale: Animal Sleeping Bags

While thumbing through the Pottery Barns Kids catalog, you’ve probably seen these plush sleeping pals. Maybe you already own one. If not, let me just say this is a great product and in my opinion, worth the money.

Even if your kiddos are too young for sleepovers, you’ll still use it a lot. We use ours as a nap mat at school. Talk about luxurious! My active preschooler always rests during nap time and we think it’s because this sleeping bag is so comfy. Perfect for those cold winter days!

Made of high quality cotton, it is plump and cozy. It’s also very easy to roll up and closes with Velcro tabs. You can wash it on the gentle cycle and tumble dry on low. The blue one and the red one are on sale for $64. A functional treat that happens to be adorable too – 2 thumbs up!