Playtime Gets Funky & Modular

If you’re a mom like me, you have a tacky train table located somewhere in your house. Sure, it’s perfect for the train set, but that’s it. Nothing more can be done on this table unless you take all of the trains off. And for those of us that aren’t engineers, they never quite seem to fit the same again…

Well, a clever company called P’kolino has devised a Play Table that truly captures the spirit of creative play. The company, founded by two dads, has been featured on the Today Show and in many national magazines including Time (April 2008).

Since the photo doesn’t do this table justice, let’s see if words can help paint the picture. What makes this table unique is it is actually a modular piece that can be reconfigured a zillion different ways. Yes, a zillion. It’s constructed with high quality materials that do not include nuts and bolts. Rejoice – you don’t have to drag out your dirty, unorganized toolbox! The wood is bent maple that has been machine pressed for increased strength and protected with a clear water-based finish. P’kolino also uses high density foam and premium stain resistant fabrics. You’re in love, right?

Here’s more:

– Interchangeable play kits fit into the table for neat storage and are easily removed and replaced for a quick activity change.

– The uniquely designed foam benches offer a soft, safe seat at the table as well as a fun rocker when flipped, and the removable foam blocks act as puzzle pieces or objects for a game of catch.

– Color schemes include light blue & purple and blue & green.

It’s a pricey piece – $1,399 – but if you think of it as bedroom furniture that provide hours and hours of creative play for your kids for many years to come, it’s certainly worth it. When all is said and done, you’ll spend that much on trains. Trust me.