Cupcake! Cupcake! And A Party Favor…


Do you get stressed out trying to find the perfect party favors? It’s not easy to find something with keepsake appeal that’s also cute and whimsical. Well, I’ve been admiring the party favors at Beau-coup Favors and this might be my favorite.

Each resin cupcake place card holder features white (faux) frosting with colorful sprinkles and a purple candle. Simply slip the matching place cards into the candle cardholder and serve! For a bigger surprise, remove the top of the cupcake to reveal a tea light within. Measures 3.5”W, 2.25” in diameter and sold in sets of four. Matching place cards are included.

Are these adorable or what? They are a bit pricey, but what the heck. Shop here!

Snack Ball-A-Day Giveaway on Babble!

MommyQ is happy to announce a special giveaway on Babble. Ever wonder what all the fuss is about over these cute little snack orbs? Find out for yourself by winning one…

Click here to visit and read about the Snack Ball-A-Day giveaway. You simply email your name and email address to enter. We’re giving away five total, one-a-day, until Sunday, January 18th. Enter today!

Unique Kid’s Birthday Party Favor: It Rocks & Rolls

In search of a unique party favor for your child’s birthday party? Give the Boon Snack Ball a spin! This weekend MommyQ had a big birthday bash for her two boys and gave out Snack Balls as the party favor. It was a cars & trucks themed party, so I found a huge dump truck at CVS (for about $10 bucks), decorated it with ribbon and loaded all of the Snack Balls. My son pushed it around at the end of the party to distribute the favors to everyone. Pink for the girls and orange for the boys.

What makes this sphere-shaped snack container so much fun?

– BPA-free
– Phthalate-free
– PVC-free
– rigid form so snacks are crush-proof
– great for travel
– two halves unscrew for easy cleaning
– perfect size for little hands
– dishwasher safe (top rack only)

Green Baby Shower Springs to Life

Green baby showers have quickly become the “hip” thing to do in 2008. Afraid you’ll miss the cute gift wrap, frilly ribbons and coordinating paper plates? Don’t worry, you’ll be wowed at just how cute a green shower can be.

A green baby shower is just as much fun as a traditional shower, it just has a sprinkle of eco-friendliness. The centerpiece can be a cake made with cloth diapers, decorated with fresh flowers. The party favors can be glass baby bottles with organic ingredients like popcorn, M&Ms or Cheerios. Instead of a guestbook, everyone can sign an organic baby t-shirt as a keepsake. Ditch the paper plates and wrapping paper to keep stuff out of landfills. It make take a little bit more creativity, but the benefits are worth it. Enjoy the photos!

Cloth diaper cake

Glass bottle favors

Signed baby shirt