Why Superfruits are Mom’s BFF: A Genesis Today Test Drive

Upgrade Your Orange Juice

Like most moms, I’m in a constant battle with my kiddos to make sure they follow a healthy diet. Both of my children are picky eaters, so getting enough vitamins and nutrients in their diet isn’t easy. I’m not sure how much B12 exists in chicken nuggets, but I’m guessing it isn’t much. Ha! Luckily, my kids love fruit and drinks lots of orange juice. Seriously, like a gallon of orange juice a week!

A few weeks ago, the fine folks at Genesis Today sent me a bunch of juices to try. I got Coconut Boost, Acai Berry Boost and my new fave, Omega Orange Juice.  I knew all about the benefits of these superfruits – they’re packed with nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, essential fats and especially antioxidants that combat free radicals in the body.

My concern about these juices was the taste. Would I really want to drink them and more importantly, would my kids like them? Would these juices pass the sniff test? I was totally impressed with all three drinks, my favorite being the new Omega Orange Juice. The Acai Berry Boost was surprisingly tasty too. My least favorite was the Coconut, but I’m not a big fan of coconut in the first place. A few of my friends swear by the Coconut Boost, so I’m assuming if you like coconut, it’s really good.

The best part is my youngest son who is an OJ fanatic, loves the Omega Orange Juice. He thinks it’s great and calls it the “really good juice.” I was really excited to see the Omega OJ has less calories and more vitamins than the OJ we usually buy. It gets an A++ from my family. See for yourself!

Orange Juice Nutrition Chart