Panting Over Perfect White Pants

Mother’s Day was so much fun this year. I will not go into the boring details, but it was just a few shades shy of perfection and here’s why. First, my big monkey woke up at 6:30 am and chattered away from the moment he leaped into bed with us. Second, my very cool sister, Ms.Chatterly, was not in ATX with us. Boo! Hope Truex bought her something nice. Not sure if a cat can go shopping due to the whole opposable thumb thing . Anyway…


Mr. Q properly showered me with some fabulous gifts and one is a killer pair of white pants. These are not pants I would’ve picked out myself, because I don’t typically shop at Banana Republic. But they are beautiful! You know how shopping for white pants can present many problems, thus keeping white pants out of your closet forever. The fabric and the cut is really key. If the fabric is too thin, they are totally transparent and you might as well just go in your undies. If the cut is wrong…well, white pants aren’t always flattering.

These pants are the 323 Martin flared pant and the fabric combination is 56% Rayon, 39% Cotton and 5% Spandex. They sit below the waist and are straight through the hip with a flared leg. As far as the sizing goes, I have a size 4 and they fit perfectly. I’m so excited to wear them out and not be able to sit on anything or touch anything for fear of messing them up. Can I teleport myself to places yet? I think teleportation is key to keeping white pants clean. Does that come with SIRIUS? Hmmm….

More Gifts for Mommy Because She Rocks

I’m still on my Mother’s Day kick today. Why not? Mom’s Day has a special meaning during those first few crazy years of motherhood. I bet you remember the rare days you actually wash, dry, curl, style, flat iron your hair instead of throwing it up in a ponytail.

I’m still thoroughly shocked and/or impressed with the moms in my neighborhood that show up to drop their little kids off at school and are fully decked out at 9 a.m. Did they have to wake up at 6:00 am to get all of that accomplished? The hair, the jewelry, the outfit, the shoes, the big smile, the brushed teeth, the lack of food residue on the shirt. Yep, as a mom the whole “getting ready” routine becomes an enormous “situation.” I’m pretty sure I’ve run out of the house with mascara on one eye only once or twice.

Enough of the babbling and on to the fun stuff. Expensive shoes! Ooooh & aaaahhhh. I’m not actually a Bluefly shopper, but I do like to check out their shoes every so often. BF does not disappoint! This year, let mom know you love her and appreciate her by giving her a pair of shoes. For some mommies, diamonds are not a girl’s best friend — platforms are!


Hi there, Prada. You had me at hello. The detailed stitching on your platform makes me shed tears of joy and the fact that your are a 5″ heel makes me weep! Wearing you would make a gal a bazillion feet tall. How can we not love thee?


My dear Giuseppe Zanotti, Tu sei una stella! You are croc print and bejeweled with love. Your chunky gold heel  makes you even more desirable. Wait, can you be worn with gold and silver? Beautiful confusion.


And last, but not least….Christian Louboutin. Bright green with a wooden stacked heel like an incredibly stylish frog that happens to cost over $700. Sigh. Oh what fun we would have together….you in my closet and me staring at you sitting in my closet. True love!

Mother’s Day is Almost Here, So Gimme!

If I lived a crazy reality where I could decorate things exactly how I wanted…big fluffy cream-colored sofas with huge white suede pillows and white rugs and I would always wear white like Dianne Keaton or Barbra Streisand…but minus the goofy gloves.  Anyway, if my life were glitz and glam instead of structured and functional, I would ask for these oddly wonderful treats for Mother’s Day.

They may be created for kids or moms who have the same taste as kids – either way, I just love Zid Zid Kids. I think the metallic fabric is so original and fun, it’s impossible not to smile when you see these things. And who doesn’t love a poof? If you don’t, you’re just not human. And who doesn’t need more elephants in their life? I know I could use two or ten.

Gimme Bookends!


Gimme Cushions!

zidzidGimme an Elephant!

zidzid3All of these things would be so much fun to get as gifts for ME. Yes, me. Although I wouldn’t order my elephant with that little boy because I don’t really need another one of those! So, Mr. Q., if you’re reading this (and I know you aren’t), here are three cool things you can get me for Mom’s Day that would make me smile.