Major Cuteness: 3 Rachel Zoe Worthy Coats for Girls

Rachel Zoe Style

I started watching the Rachel Zoe Project this season and it took me a while to get into it. Now, I’m a fan. There’s something about Rachel that is endearing and the more you watch her, the more you like her. Yes, she could stand to eat a few thousand PB&J sandwiches and yes, she’s rather obsessed with clothes, but she’s a riot. I love the fact that such a tiny person is so into huge coats! It’s just amazing to me that coats seem to be her number one obsession. Which leads me to my latest post. If Rachel Zoe were a toddler, I think she’d wear these 3 fab coats.

Faux Fur Jacket for Little Girls

I’m not sure what you can say about this cute Faux Fur jacket for little girls other than “bananas” – sorry Rachel Zoe, I had to steal that one from you for this jacket. Yes, this is a mini, cropped, faux fur jacket for toddlers and little girls.  A Peter Pan collar, elbow-length sleeves and one button closure. Retails for $38.

If you’re not into faux fur, how about a little bolero jacket? I think Rachel might even be able to fit into these youth sizes. A flower, a ruffle collar and cap sleeves. It even comes in multiple colors like black, gold, silver and white. Shiny satin has never looked so sweet. Retails for $52.

Elodie and Elvis Coat

Get a load of this wonderful Elodie & Elvis ‘FerrisWheel’ wool blend coat. This coat even has a special roll-up wrist cuff, so it can grow with your stylish child. It’s made by a designer in Australia and right now only 4 of these coats are in stock. I think Rachel would appreciate the uniqueness of this beauty. You know how she loves her vintage traesures. It reatils for $270 in Australian Dollars.

I Feel Bad about Katy Perry’s Sesame Street Snub

If you didn’t know, musician Katy Perry was booted from Sesame Street. Her segment was taped and it was going to air as part of the show’s 41 st season. She did a spoof of her ‘Hot ‘N Cold’ hit with Elmo. Thanks to a bunch of parents griping about her cleavage, her performance got yanked.

I’m personally so tired of parents acting like Oscar the Grouch about everything. Sure, as parents we have concerns about what our children see, especially on a television show catered to youngsters. But is this really necessary? It seems most of the negative buzz is about Katy’s dress and her cleavage. I’ve seen the video and the outfit in question. You can see it here.

Katy Perry Sesame Street

I think Katy’s dress is just  fine and kids wouldn’t even notice her outfit.  I have two young boys and they wouldn’t care about her dress. They would be looking at her face and listening to her sing. If kids are noticing her cleavage, they are too old to be watching Sesame Street anyway. After all, women have boobs. What is she supposed to wear?  A turtle neck with a bulky cable knit sweater? A Big Love-inspired librarian frock? Come on, people. Why can’t Sesame Street have a little fun. I’m sure Katy’s outfit wouldn’t have caused a stir at all had she done the same thing on Yo Gabba Gabba!

And is it really Katy’s fault? I’m assuming a show as huge as Sesame Street has wardrobe professionals on hand. Why didn’t a wardrobe person question the dress? If it was at all questionable, wouldn’t someone have said something? I think so.  I hope Sesame Street offers Katy a sincere apology, because I think they’re guilty of bad manners here.

Raising Boys: That’s Not a Hug, That’s a Headlock

Last week, my oldest son (almost six) had his little brother (almost three) in a headlock. When I walked back into the room, he spotted me and quickly pretended it was a hug. He even added, “Awwwwe, you’re so sweet,” to the fake brotherly love fest to prove his innocence.

Yesterday during my trip to the grocery store, I was grabbing a few Luna Bars when I spotted four small fists punching at each other and swinging around wildly in the aisle.  There was kicking, pinching and yes, another headlock. It was like a cage match without the cage. I stared for a minute with a look of dismay on my face. Maybe someone else will claim them? No such luck. I stepped in and physically separated them.

My boys are entering the “you-annoy-me-and-take-my-toys-so-I’m-gonna-hit-you-until-you-stop-or-until-mom-walks-in-the-room” phase. I have to give them both credit, because they are equally good at provoking each other and most of the time they are both guilty when things reach a boiling point.

I guess we all went through it. I remember when my younger sister and I could hardly stand to be in the same room together. Of course that happened when we were teenagers, so it doesn’t really count. I did shove her once and she fell backwards down the stairs. She still likes to bring up that story today. What she fails to mention is we lived in a tri-level house, so the flight if stairs consisted of six steps. Needless to say, messing up her ponytail was the extent of her injuries.

At the end of the day, my boys still kiss and hug each other goodnight. 75% of the time, they play very well together and genuinely enjoy being pals. The other 25%…well, it’s not a warm & fuzzy. I try to be fair and keep things civil between, but sometimes I just have to let it play out a bit. I have a sneaking suspicion brotherly love is a bit more painful than sisterly love. Not sure. Just guessing.

7 Wine Pairings for Kid’s Food: PB&J, Goldfish Crackers & More

I’m not a wine expert, although I am a “whine” expert. As the mom of two young kiddos, becoming a master sommelier is not really in the cards for me. I drink what tastes good and I have no idea how to pair anything with anything. In the evenings, I often find myself sipping a glass of wine and munching on kid’s food leftovers like Goldfish crackers or PB&J.

I wrote a post this morning on Babble’s Family Style blog about a terrific Wine Moms Series giveaway event. You can enter to win a free one-month shipment which includes lots of savvy wine goodies as well as the vino itself. (Enter to win here!) I made a joke about what wine to pair with peanut butter & jelly or Goldfish crackers, because that’s my sophistication level. That’s when I found a few awesome articles on Real Simple and other sites, so I just had to share:

7 Surprising Wine Pairings for Parents Who Eat Kid’s Food:

1.) Peanut butter & jelly – Argentine Torrontes

2.) Cheerios – Nigori Sake

3.) Goldfish crackers – Riesling

4.) Fruit leather – Rosé

5.) Classic Cheetos – Verdicchio Di Metallica

6.) Slim Jim – Lambrusco

7.) Cracker Jacks – 10 year or older St-Joseph Blanc

Ah, now this is information you can use. Do you have any pairing ideas to share with us? Please do! Thirsty, snacking moms need to know. 🙂

Tweet This: Birdie Dwell Wall Art

Have birds always been popular in nursery and child’s room decor, or this somehow related to the popularity of Twitter? Hmmm. I feel like over the past few years I’ve seen a huge array of birdie art. Anyway, these cute birds are sweet, simple and modern. What a perfect wall art duo for your baby’s nursery, child’s room or playroom.

The tricky thing about art for a nursery is you don’t want it to be too babyish. They seem to grow up so fast, it’s a shame to ditch the baby stuff. I like these prints because they are timeless. Thanks to the hip color palette, they work for a boy’s room or a girl’s room. Dwell wall art is digitally printed on gallery frames and uses FSC compliant wood frames. These 16″ x 16″ prints (each) retail for $96 each at ArteBebe.

Because Baby’s First Words Shouldn’t be “Crazy Biotch”

The majority of parents have probably been in a similar situation as reality star and new mother, Kourtney Kardashian. As a new mommy, she is discovering how much swearing actually goes on in her life. Now she’s worried her baby’s first words will be bleeped out on national television. The biggest potty mouth culprits? Her sister Khloe and her baby daddy, Scott Dipstick Disick.

As a child, I was under strict orders never to use swear words. While I heard them occasionally – like when my dad got a paper cut, which was his biggest pet peeve in the universe – my family didn’t cuss. As I got older, I started peppering f-bombs into my personal conversations and I’ve since realized how hard it is to stop. My hubby and I agreed to cut the cussing down to a minimum when we found out we were pregnant for the first time. Now that my kiddos are bigger and closely relate to parrots, we really have to watch it. I’m still guilty, but we certainly try to limit the potty mouth.

I think it’s funny that Kourtney has taken this into consideration and wants to start censoring her family. She’s even asking for advice from readers on her blog. What’s great about this dilemma is it proves she’s thinking like a mommy. And that’s a good thing. My advice to Kourt would be “earmuffs” as we saw demonstrated in Old School.  A “swear jar” is way too obvious for that family. Maybe they should give Scott a shot of tequila for every cuss word and that way he’ll either succeed in making a huge buffoon of himself, which is always entertaining, or he’ll just pass out cold and we won’t have to hear and/or see him at all. Also a good option.

The Denim Jeans Dilemma

I’ve always been a fan of designer jeans. In fact, when I was in middle school I saved money to buy a pair of Guess jeans.  They were light blue with zippers at the ankles and I think they cost around $80. I loved them! As an adult, I still love designer jeans.  I don’t shop according to brands, but I tend to like the pricey ones. I wear jeans a lot – like a uniform – so it doesn’t bother to me to spend a bit on them. I’m also not willing to sacrifice style for price. If they don’t look good, I won’t wear them anyway. Now that would be a waste of money.

I almost fell off my chair when I read this article on Yahoo! Shine that says Women Spend an Average of $34 on Jeans.  How is that even possible? I’m lucky if I find a pair that fit well and look good for under $100. Most of my jeans probably cost $125 – $200, but I wear them until they fall apart. Aside from the price, the article says most women own seven pairs of jeans and only wear four of those pairs regularly.

I just blogged about five pairs of seriously bootylicious jeans over on Family Style ( These jeans are flattering from every angle. I picked a range of prices, brands and styles. Take a look and let me know which ones you like! After all, ample butts are “in” for Summer 2010.