I Feel Bad about Katy Perry’s Sesame Street Snub

If you didn’t know, musician Katy Perry was booted from Sesame Street. Her segment was taped and it was going to air as part of the show’s 41 st season. She did a spoof of her ‘Hot ‘N Cold’ hit with Elmo. Thanks to a bunch of parents griping about her cleavage, her performance got yanked.

I’m personally so tired of parents acting like Oscar the Grouch about everything. Sure, as parents we have concerns about what our children see, especially on a television show catered to youngsters. But is this really necessary? It seems most of the negative buzz is about Katy’s dress and her cleavage. I’ve seen the video and the outfit in question. You can see it here.

Katy Perry Sesame Street

I think Katy’s dress is just  fine and kids wouldn’t even notice her outfit.  I have two young boys and they wouldn’t care about her dress. They would be looking at her face and listening to her sing. If kids are noticing her cleavage, they are too old to be watching Sesame Street anyway. After all, women have boobs. What is she supposed to wear?  A turtle neck with a bulky cable knit sweater? A Big Love-inspired librarian frock? Come on, people. Why can’t Sesame Street have a little fun. I’m sure Katy’s outfit wouldn’t have caused a stir at all had she done the same thing on Yo Gabba Gabba!

And is it really Katy’s fault? I’m assuming a show as huge as Sesame Street has wardrobe professionals on hand. Why didn’t a wardrobe person question the dress? If it was at all questionable, wouldn’t someone have said something? I think so.  I hope Sesame Street offers Katy a sincere apology, because I think they’re guilty of bad manners here.