On the Heels of Halloween: Girl’s Fairy Tee

It’s always sad when Halloween ends. The neighbors take down the 12-foot-tall, inflatable, black cat. The pumpkins find their way into a pie or possible just a big trashcan and the candy wrappers pile up. My kids frown when they drive by homes at night and don’t see any orange lights on the porches. Yes, the scary fun is over.

Girls' fairy tee shirt

There’s still some magic in the air as Thanksgiving and Christmas are near. And that’s why I just love this Golden Fairy Tee and Glitter Dragonfly Wings from Chasing Fireflies. It’s festive, but in a subtle kind of way. (It’s far less subtle than my son running around in his Buzz Lightyear pack with wings and flashing lights.)  I think this Fairy Tee is pretty and special. Wouldn’t that be a great outfit for little girls in their holiday cards? I’m all for anything that isn’t green and red. Did I mention I’d like one of these myself? 😉