Your Sporty Baby Just Got Sportier

My hubby and I went shopping for our kiddos yesterday because they have a minimal amount of Fall gear. We were actually shopping out of necessity, believe it or not. We went to this cute little story for sporty kids and the Puma clothes were just adorable.

The store we were at does not have a website – go figure! So I had to find some of the outfits online elsewhere. Take a look! I just love the colors. Some of these are infant sizes and some are toddler.


Girl’s Hooded Tunic & Leggings


Boy’s Retro Track Suit (Jacket only!)


Girl’s Fresh Zip-Up Suit


Girl’s Ruffle Dress

Corduroy Ruffle Jumpers: A Must-Have For Fall


I love warm (okay, make that disgustingly hot) weather, but seeing all of these cute Fall clothes for kiddos is putting me in the mood for cold! Crisp, cool days with scarves and sweaters, sipping a hot Starbucks…mmm, sounds yummy!

Take a look at these colorful & fun Corduroy Ruffle Jumpers. These cute dresses feature tiers, tiny ruffles and button straps. They come in three cute colors, blue green or hot pink. You can order yours today at Chasing Fireflies, but they won’t ship until early October. Jumpers retail for $44.

Why You Will Be Wearing Leg Warmers

If you’re a child of the 1980s, like me, you’ve probably worn leg warmers. And you probably (secretly) loved them. I am 100% guilty. I luh-huvd leg warmers. I had a light blue pair that my grandmother knitted for me. They weren’t too thin and weren’t too thick. They were perfection. Then, for my birthday I got this great pink, gray and white wool sweater with – drum roll, please – matching leg warmers. It was like I had died and gone to heaven! I wore them once a week until I outgrew them. Over jeans, under skirts, in 90 degree weather. It didn’t matter, nothing would ruin my love of the warmer.

Well, I have to admit, part of me is kinda excited they’re making a comeback. I’m still undecided as to whether they look cool or stupid, but there’s a goofy kid with a bad perm and big bangs looming inside me that is dying to wear a pair.  Ah, the feel of itchy wool against the outside of your calf under your jeans. Priceless.

Lindsay Lohan of all people, figured this out somehow and launched her spin on it, the “Ankle Glove.” By the way, they instantly sold-out at Fred Segal. Seriously! Now it seems you can buy them online for $42. They are animal print and -hate to say it – maybe cute too? Maybe.

Even your tiny little non-Lindsay-like princess can wear them. Baby girls will most certainly be sporting some kind of leg warmer this fall. Baberoo makes 100% certified Organic Leggies for baby girls. They can be worn up to age 5. I must admit, these are CUTE! And you can change diapers in a snap!

Has the leg warmer been slimmed down and sassed up enough to see a happy rebirth? Better yet, will you be wearing them? I will..