Peony Pillows: Add A Touch of Spring

peony-pillowsTransform your daughter’s room (or your room for that matter) with these beautiful Peony Pillows.  Besides, these last much longer than a bouquet of flowers

I love these pillows because they’re unique, amazing and handmade of thick wool felt. You’ll want to pick them all. Approximately 18″. Find them at Chasing Fireflies for $98.

Buy Some Twirly Fun On Sale

twirly-jumpers1The post-Christmas sales have begun and I’m scouting out a few good deals. When it comes to fun outfits for little girls, how can you have too many!

This is the Twirly Tiers Jumper featuring layers and layers of fun. It is a mixture of prints and flowers and comes in a huge selection of sizes. It’s on sale now at Chasing Fireflies for $50. The striped leggins and legwarmer set is on sale for $20.

Switching Gears: Doggie Yoda Costume


I think we all know how adorable the furry animal suits are for kiddos, but what about these costumes for canines? I was laughing out loud at these. So – feeling generous – I decided to share. Take a look at this Star Wars Yoda costume for your pup. From small to x-large, they are all currently in stock. You’re in luck!  Yoda Dog sells for $18 at Chasing Fireflies.

Corduroy Ruffle Jumpers: A Must-Have For Fall


I love warm (okay, make that disgustingly hot) weather, but seeing all of these cute Fall clothes for kiddos is putting me in the mood for cold! Crisp, cool days with scarves and sweaters, sipping a hot Starbucks…mmm, sounds yummy!

Take a look at these colorful & fun Corduroy Ruffle Jumpers. These cute dresses feature tiers, tiny ruffles and button straps. They come in three cute colors, blue green or hot pink. You can order yours today at Chasing Fireflies, but they won’t ship until early October. Jumpers retail for $44.

Reversible Smock Dress: Double The Cuteness


I vauguely remember wearing reversible dresses as a child. My mom was (and is) quite the seamstress. She made my sister and I many halters and smock dresses. What I’m wondering is why didn’t that concept catch on for women? Would it really be that difficult to make a reversible, fashionable dress for women? Hmmm.

Anyway, for now I’ll rave about this beauty for little girls. This is the Reversible Smock Dress for toddlers and youths. It’s a wonderful vintage-inspired look featuring retrolicious prints. It buttons at the shoulders. Easy-fitting and adorable. Cotton. Machine wash. Made in USA and imported. It’s $48 at Chasing Fireflies!

Fisheye Camera Provides Instant Bloopers


Talk about something you would’ve loved as a kid! Get a load of this hilarious Fisheye Camera. Your kiddos can take goofy photos with ease, thanks to the special lens that actually makes distorted cool. When I was a kid, my sister and I would’ve spent hours laughing and giggling with this camera.

We had our own photo album of bloopers that we made with construction paper and tape. No Snapfih albums back then. We would pick the absolute worst photos from the pile and give them clever little titles. The infamous ‘Book of Mess Ups’ was a cherished household item. I remember one photo that was an extreme close-up of my sister, so she looked as white as a sheet. The title was about pilgrims and the Mayflower. Who knows, but as a kid it was HILARIOUS. Believe it or not, the book was lost and we have no idea where it is. I sure would love to see it again. I bet it’s still funny.

Anyway, the Fisheye Camera uses standard 35mm film, so you can develop the goofiness easily. Retails for $54 at Chasing Fireflies.

Hip-N-Hop: MommyQ’s Easter Eggstravaganza

The most bunnylicious holiday for your tots is right around the corner. You’d better hop to it if you want all your Easter treats to arrive in time. From silly socks to ducky sweaters to funny bunnies, I’ve hand-picked some of the cutest items and compiled them into one convenient list. See, MommyQ always does the hard stuff for you. And that’s why you love me…or loathe me.


Bunnies in a Box – $14 – Arte Bebe

lapinos2Lapinos the Bunny – $44 – Arte Bebe

easter-pjsPersonalized Easter PJs – $48 – Chasing Fireflies

bunny-book1Bunnyville Egg Hunt Pop-Up Book – $15 – Chasing Fireflies

good-sweaterGood Egg Sweater Set – $50 – Chasing Fireflies

frameb1Funny Bunny Frame – $18 – Chasing Fireflies

gift-setBunnies by the Bay Baby Gift Set – $100 – Nordstrom


Halabaloo Butterfly Eyelet Dress – $66 – Nordstrom

bunny-backpackBunny Backpack – $38 – Chasing Fireflies

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