Meet the C-Panty: After Cesarean Undies

cpanty1If you’ve had a c-section, you know exactly how difficult those first weeks after surgery can be. In addition to the wacky hormones, helpless newborn and post-delivery fatigue, you have this brand new incision to worry about.

Enter C-Panty! I’ve seen a lot of “new” baby and maternity products over the years, but this one is really top-notch. It is a panty designed specifically for post cesarean use. Instead of wearing those big, mesh, hospital-issued boy shorts or granny panties, you can wear these. They have special panels and a silicone layer to protect and support your new scar during healing.

Hop over to Droolicious (a Babble blog) to read more about the C-Panty. Now that’s one smart pair of undies! If you have mom friends with a c-section on the calendar, make sure you send them a link to this post!