Meet The Revolutionary, Borosilicate, Baby Bottle


It’s time for a little science lesson… Do you know what borosilicate glass is? It’s the exact same type of glass used in laboratories due to its superior strength, durability and resistance to exploding into a zillion pieces. (It helps if you picture a mad scientist laughing maniacally.) It’s also much lighter than the glass typically used for baby bottles.

The smart folks at Coddletime have created baby bottles using this borosilicate glass. Tada! These award-winning bottles are the ‘next big thing’ in feeding since WeeGo. The list of benefits is pretty impressive:

  • Extremely resistant to high heat and breakage
  • Lightest glass baby bottle on the market
  • Anti-colic
  • Soft, wide and stretchy nipples mimic breastfeeding action, preventing nipple confusion
  • The semi-transparent food grade silicone bottle wrap protects from scratches and allows for easy viewing of contents inside
  • Non-toxic, BPA, lead, PVC and Phthalate free
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Winner of iParenting’s 2009 Best Product and 2009 Hottest Product awards
  • World’s first borosilicate glass feeding bottle
  • Packaging is made with eco-friendly mat

Go see for yourself at BabyEarth. One bottle retails for $10.

Boon Births The Scrubble


It’s a bath toy. It’s a scrubber. It’s – tada – a Scrubble. An interchangeable bath toy scrub set. Genius!

You can fill the bulb with water and squeeze to make the Scrubble a squirt toy. The parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher too. As you’ve come to expect from Boon, the Scrubble is BPA-free, PVC-free and Phthalate-free. Yes, it’s gloriously green.  What a cool baby shower gift for the innovative mommy and her new arrival. You can buy it for $10 at the Boon website.

The Best Bottle on the Planet

If you have a baby with tummy issues, you might want to consider Dr. Brown’s baby bottles. I still remember the day my husband brought them home. He said he had the “Dr. Brown’s” and I was really excited because I thought he meant the Cream Soda.  Anyway, as an infant, our first son could not sleep due to all of the burping, gas and spitting up. A friend of ours recommended Dr. Brown’s. And believe it or not, these bottles worked miracles.

What makes them unique is the patented venting system.You can even watch an animated diagram on the website. Once you see how it works, it just makes perfect sense. Now they make BPA-free polypropylene plastic bottles and glass bottles. We had plain old plastic when we first started using them four years ago. When my second child was born last year, we switched to the polypropylene ones. If you’ve tried other bottles and they aren’t working, give these a shot. Glass 2 pack (7 oz) retails for $15 at BabyEarth.