A 10th Birthday Wish: He Outshines Autism

Cathy Hale AustinToday is my son’s 10th birthday and what a milestone it is! From the moment he arrived, our journey as individuals, as parents and as a family changed in an unexpected, yet extraordinary way. He was a happy beautiful baby, but seven years ago he was diagnosed with autism and it was devastating. However; an amazing thing happened over the years.

While we loved, guided and protected Steele, he became our teacher. When we were scared and restless, he was brave and determined. When we questioned his limits, he exuded confidence. Today he no longer lives in the shadow of autism. He outshines it. He invites us all into his world to share the happiness, purity and enthusiasm he embraces every day. And what a gift that is! Happy birthday, baby! I’m so proud to be your mom.

Please share this inspiring story with anyone you know who is facing obstacles today. Tomorrow holds hope! @MommyQ