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My Kid Can Quote SIRIUS NASCAR Radio Slogan: What Can Yours Do?

Kid Loves Sirius Nascar radio

You can tell a lot about your life by listening to the entertaining words that fly out of the mouth of your 3-year-old child. As you can tell from this amusing video, we like 24/7 NASCAR Talk on SIRIUS. In fact, during the racing season, my radio rarely changes from being dialed in to channel 128. That would be SIRIUS radio. What can I say? I like being a smarty pants. And let me assure you, my kiddos probably absorb more about NASCAR than I do. Here’s the proof:


We’ll be headed to Texas Motor Speedway and I’m so excited because it’s a night race. That’s a great thing in Texas, because you avoid the searing heat that’s pretty common this time of year. It doesn’t have to be super hot to roast yourself crispy. I’ve learned that the hard way!

Anyway, thanks to all of SIRIUS NASCAR radio folks who flood our heads with interesting factoids, stats and humor during the NASCAR season – Dave Moody, Angie Skinner, Mike Bagley, Pistol Pete, Rick Benjamin, Chocolate Myers, the lovely Claire B Lang, Dave Ross & Buddy Baker. Sorry if I’m forgetting anyone. You’re the best! I’m standing up!