My Top Four “Baby Gear Worth The Dough” List

Welcome to 2010, folks! I thought I’d start the year off with a few fabulous products you might consider to make life with your baby/toddler easier for everyone. Why are these products fabulous? Because they have lasted for five years in my household and have not fallen apart yet! That’s why these baby items are worth the dough, in my opinion.

bob-jogger#1 – BOB Sport Utility Stroller – This is one of the best items we ever purchased because it is sitting in my garage right now and works perfectly. We’ve blown a few tires over the years, but that’s about it. The suspension system, handling and even the fabric is un unbelievable condition. My oldest child is five and we bought this BOB jogger when he was six months old. Yes – worth every penny. Retails for $299 at BabyEarth.

TIP: Get a pedometer so you can total up the miles you put on it. I wish we had b/c I trained for 10k races with ours and would love to know that magic number.


#2 – Joovy Caboose Stand-On Stroller – We bought this dream vehicle when my youngest was about six months old (he’s two now) and it still looks wonderful. We have used it so many times for a variety of activities. It has been the perfect stroller solution when we need to get around with both kiddos. It’s not the most luxurious or the most comfy, but in certain instances it has been a lifesaver. Now you can get the Joovy Ultralight which weighs quite a bit less. It retails for $160 at BabyEarth.

tripp-trapp#3 – Stokke Tripp Trapp – I’ve read both pros and cons about this chair and my feeling is it is worth the money. I’m not sure how sensible it is for babies, even with the cushion and infant seat, but it works great for toddlers. It looks cool, it’s easy to clean and easy to climb into for youngsters. I love the way it adjusts to different heights and fits under every kind of table perfectly. I’ve had this for about two years and still love it, as do my kiddos. It retails for $250 at BabyEarth.


#4 – Britax Car Seats – I know it’s hard to fork out this kind of money when you have to buy multiple car seats, but it’s worth the moolah. It’s just hard to beat a Britax car seat for so many reasons. In addition to all of the impressive safety features, these seats are easy to install – and easy to install correctly. There is one for every age and every weight category. Gotta give them high grades. You can find a huge selection of Britax car seats at BabyEarth.

Ooh La La: That’s One Hot Diaper Bag

I’m a nut for totes, purses, handbags, clutches, etc. When I spotted this gorgeous bag at Arte Bebe, I just had to blog about it…


This is the leather Mercer Bag, a new addition to the Nest’s collection. And what a diaper bag it is! It features suede details and gold tones hardware. It’s also a departure from black – remember navy? I think it’s a refreshing change.

Other features include:
– separate zippered diaper compartment at the bottom keeps the rest of the bag neat and fresh and includes an extra large changing pad and diaper and wipes pocket
– 2 large exterior and 1 interior zippered pockets
– 2 interior bottle holders
– 2 divided pockets to hold extra clothes, toys, etc
– key chain holder
– removable, adjustable long strap

Indulge at Arte Bebe for $385. Shipping is free.

Because Moms Need to Know: Shopping & Dining


MommyQ’s Inbox is always overflowing with information. Sales, grand openings, new products, special events, community giving and more. Seriously, I have 125 unread messages and they ALL pertain to motherhood. I never knew it was such an email-intensive job. Here are some of the highlights so you don’t miss out on something special or as my two-year-old says, “sumpin peshal.”

Kirsten James Handbags Holiday Sale
I LOVE these diaper bags. I have one and use it all of the time. These bags are a great gift idea for any gal on your shopping list. Order your custom bag now and get 10% off your entire purchase. Plus, you’ll receive it just in time for Christmas.  Spend $250 or more and receive 15% off your purchase! (Remember, this company give 5% of the amount you spend to their non-profit too.)

You can receive your discount by using promo code “KJ Holiday Sale” in the message to seller box at time of purchase (your discount will be refunded thru paypal within 24 hours of order). Sale ends on November 30th. Visit Kirsten James today!

Four Days of Feasting in Austin
If you’re going to be spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Austin, you must attend these events. Hosteria Verde, owned by the fabulous foodie Anne Rutt-Enriquez, is teaming up with FLAVORS of Austin to present four consecutive days of unique dining events. You can get all of the details at Hosteria Verde. Buy your tickets today and invite your friends to join you. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this tasty fun.

The Brand New LK Stationery Company
Welcome to the BRAND NEW LK Stationery Company, proudly offering new designs by artist Laura Kelly. Welcome to the bright, fun, and whimsical world of Laura Kelly. We look forward to offering you happy and artistic designs on stationery items. From mini memos to note cards to placemats, if you can write on it – they’ve got it! Shop until your heart’s content at LK Stationary.

Baby Gear, Clothes & Goodies a la Droolicious

It’s hard to believe, but MommyQ has been writing for Droolicious for almost a year! Wow. The folks at Babble are just incredible and I’m constantly impressed with the talented writers. You have no idea how much creativity and dedication it takes to keep Droolicious and Strollerderby rolling.

Here’s a quick list of some of may fave items I’ve found this month. Remember, I do not get one penny from any of these companies, so I’m choosing these products based on my personal feelings. And since I’m rather superficial, my feelings way heavily on cuteness.


Fleecy Friends Slippers
By the time I finish writing this post, all of these slippers will probably be gone. They are just so cute and the style is perfect for active little feet. Hanna Andersson has quickly become one of my favorite online stores for affordable and attractive baby, toddler and youth clothes.


Pretty as Can Be Winter Coat
Yes, this is one of my favorite items for winter. This coat is just as cute as can be and it’s different. I love the small details, especially the tulle trim on the ruffle. How sweet!

weekender-bagBag It!
I’m a big fan of cool weekend bags and luggage. This is a great option for any mom looking to travel in style with a tot or two. I love the fact that the interior is water resistant.


Peekaboo Barn iPhone App
This is a great game for a baby or toddler. We use it when we go out to eat if we need to entertain the kiddos. They love the animals and the sounds. It’s certainly worth $1.99!


Bunting Bag & Chubby Babies
The photography might be better than the product – not sure. But I know a bunting bag is a must for cold weather and these are cute enough to distract you from how annoying these bags are when it’s time to change a diaper. That’s why I avoid cold weather at costs.

Bugaboo Makes A Leather Bagaboo


Did you know Bugaboo makes a bag? It looks like an egg, but it seems to be muy popular anyway. It’s a limited edition, white leather (BUGABOO)RED messenger bag. It includes a changing mat and removable food and drink containers. Like every other Bugaboo product, 1% of total revenues on these products will go to the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.

More than a Bugaboo diaper bag, the Bugaboo Bag displays a modern look that goes from playground to business meeting. The Bugaboo Bag’s gender neutral, clean look works with every wardrobe – be it mommy or daddy.

What do we think of this moms? Venturing into bags is a good thing or should Bugaboo stick with strollers?

Toddler Car Seats: Not Pretty, But Necessary

I won’t argue the harness vs. lap belt debate. Let’s just say I will keep my children strapped into a car seat for as long as possible. I would like to make them wear helmets or have a HANS Device too. Anyway, due to the size of these car seats, some parents just want a more streamline option. I do admit, the booster seats are prettier.

Let’s look at some of the toddler seats with 5-point harness systems:

orbit-toddlerOne of the bestsellers, according to BabyEarth, is the Orbit Baby Toddler seat. In fact, they are currently sold out. It’s sleek, sophisticated, safe and goes up to 50 pounds. Retails for $360 at BabyEarth.


Next on the list is the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat and it is a much better price. You can get all of the safety features minus some of the luxury, for about half the cost as this car seat retails for $160 at BabyEarth. It holds children up to 65 pounds.

recaroAnother good-looking, popular model is the Recaro Young Sport Car Seat. This is one is intended for toddlers, but as they grow into the 30-80 pound range, it is recommended that you use a lap belt. If you want to use the harness, it goes up to 40 pounds. You can find this beauty at BabyEarth for $249.

britax-frontierThe last one I’m going to mention is the Britax. You can’t do a list of car seats without mentioning them! This is a hulk of a car seat otherwise known as the Frontier. It is big! It weighs 23 pounds by itself!  But it also holds a child up to 80 pounds in the harness. You can use it as a booster too. Retails for $229 at BabyEarth.

Simply Slingy: Hotslings Everyday Carrier


Seasoned mommies, new mommies and even non-mommies all know how popular baby slings have become in the past few years. From celeb mamas to soccer moms to cupcake-baking momtrepreneurs, slings are still all the rage. If you’re in the market for a sling, you have your work cut out for you. There are like a zillion to choose from nowadays. You can pick big sturdy models like the Ergo or stretchy, pretty, custom ones like Hotslings.

Hotslings Everyday Baby Sling Carrier is a great option for every mother. I’ve heard so many mommies rave about them and here are just a few reasons why:

  • Sleek, one-piece fitted design
  • Fashion fabrics in today’s colors and styles
  • Easy to use! No snaps, rings, buckles or fuss
  • Many sizes for a precise fit
  • Wide shoulder that spreads evenly across your back
  • 3 to 5 carrying positions
  • Great for newborns up until the toddler stage

(Okay, so I don’t get the whole slinging a  toddler notion. Maybe it’s because my toddler is not even two years old and weighs 30 pounds, or maybe it’s because he’s a mobile assault vehicle. Either way, I can’t speak to the toddler stage idea.) Other than that small tidbit, this is a wonderful sling. It’s versatile, cute, comfortable and affordable. Find it at BabyEarth for $44. Pay special attention to the Size Chart – muy importante!