Monster Trucks? Oh Yeah, They Rock.

If you haven’t been to a MONSTER JAM show yet, you’re really missing out. We went a couple of months ago and it was AWESOME! Am I a redneck? No. Do I brush my teeth with Dr. Pepper? Never. Do I think Old Spice is classy? Nope.

I’m just your average college-educated, living-in-the-suburbs, driving-my-Mercedes-around-town kinda gal. And I happen to like Monster Trucks. We spent about $20 per ticket and took the kids. It is so loud, your whole body vibrates. We had headsets for the kiddos, which I highly recommend. It is L-O-U-D.

The drivers put on a great show and even I was super-excited when they brought out the soon-to-be-smashed cars. There’s just something cool about seeing a huge truck smash little cars. Monster Mutt is really quite cute with his flapping tongue and puppy-like ears. Worth every penny!

Vegas Delivers Treat for NASCAR Fans

The trophy, Jimmie & Jamie

I’ve been a NASCAR fan for a couple of years now and I’ve gotta hand it to Sin City for providing fans with a great experience during 2009 Champion’s Week. I’ve been to lots of races, pre-race festivities and VIP banquets, so I’m no stranger to these types of events. I was in Vegas for the latter part of Champion’s Week and got to participate on an amazingly up-close-and-personal level.

The pre-lap festivities started at the MGM Grand and went all the way down the Vegas Strip. It was cold outside, but the roar of the engines when the 12 drivers revved up added some warmth to the day. You could tell the drivers were enjoying making lots of noise spinning tires on the Strip. Carl Edwards and Juan Pablo certainly made the most of this unique Victory Lap. It was awesome to see them driving the cars without their helmets because you could see their smiling faces for a change! We didn’t get to see Jimmie’s first DNF of the season, but we heard all about it.

12 Sprint Cup Drivers on stage

After the engines roared down the Vegas Strip, the 12 Chase drivers came back to the MGM for a fun reception called “After the Lap.” Hosted by the beautiful and witty Jamie Little and presented by Tissot, this event was such a treat! All 12 drivers showed up in suits and dress shoes – well, Mark Martin had on Sketchers – and they were totally laid-back in this casual setting. Each driver was presented with a Tissot watch and they unveiled the Sprint Cup trophy. Jamie asked each driver a question from fans all over the U.S. The answers were quite amusing.

I enjoyed the bantering between all of the drivers, especially Tony Stewart and Juan Pablo as well as Denny and Jeff Gordon. Jimmie making fun of his own eyebrows was hilarious. (I still think it was mean of Tony to deny Juan Pablo his hug, but that’s just MommyQ’s opinion.) From a fan’s perspective, it was easy to be part of the celebration and you got to see a glimpse of the drivers that we normally don’t see in person. Overall, I think Vegas did it up right and I look forward to doing it all again next year.

Images courtesy of myself!

Hollywood Baby Bump Radar: Baby Trend Predictions for 2009

Is Jennifer Aniston really pregnant? Who cares! Let’s talk about real baby bumps in Hollywood. Topping the list of celebrities with baby bumps are Rebecca Romijn, Julie Bowen, Ashlee Simpson and Niki Taylor.

Romijn, the gorgeous 36-year-old model/actress formerly married to Full House star, John Stamos, is expecting twins this winter with actor Jerry O’Connell. She told Page Six magazine, “I have not been without a bra this entire pregnancy. I refuse. I’m not taking any chances. I’m determined to keep the puppies up!” Poor sweet girl. Someone needs to tell this perfectly plump mom-to-be that breastfeeding, while great for the bambinos, is no friend to the breasts no matter how many miracles your Victoria’s Secret bra may perform. Get to know your new best friend, saline.

Bowen, best known for her roles on ‘Boston Legal’ and ‘Lost’ is expecting again according to People magazine. She had her first son, Oliver, in April 2007. I loved her recent guest appearance as Denise on BL last week. She’s quite the clever seductress. My advice in preparing for baby number two would be, buy a great tandem stroller (or tantrum stroller, as I call it) and prepare to meet your new mortal enemy, muffin top.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Jessica Simpson’s little sis and wife to rocker Peter Wentz, is about to deliver any minute. Even as I type she could be in labor. Wow, that’s real news. The former jig-dancer would also like to make some big lifestyle changes, like becoming a vegetarian. Nope, scratch that – sorry, a Canadian?  “She’s hot all the time,” said Wentz on the Ryan Seacrest show last week. “She’s like ‘I wish I was in Canada right now.’ Our room temperature is set to, like, 34 degrees. It’s insane!” Eh?

Supermodel Niki Taylor and her NASCAR hubby, Burney Lamar, are expecting a baby in March 2009. Niki has 13-year-old twins, Jake and Hunter. Since Burney is a Nationwide driver, I can tell you a name he absolutely won’t choose for his new baby, Kyle. Here’s another one, Busch. I can also tell you they won’t be decorating the nursery with a M&M theme. Luckily for Burney, he joins Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon in the elite ‘drivers with hot wives club’ without even being a Sprint Cup driver. Now that’s a victory!

MommyQ’s Hollywood baby trend predictions for 2009? The Bugaboo will reclaim its spot as the number one stroller, bumping off the outta-this-world Orbit. Blessed babes will sleep in cribs that cost more than your summer wardrobe and celeb moms will continue to dress their little fashionistas in eco-wear, like this $92 Angel sweater and designer duds like these $195 Prada toddler shoes. Not to mention, Hollywood mamas will be out & about in $238 William Rast jeans, a size 25 please, only weeks after giving birth. Making you feel like wearing this.