My (Bad) Romance with NASCAR: Plus Samsung Mobile 500 Video from Texas

MommyQ SpeedTV Nascar

Well, another NASCAR race under my belt as of Sunday. I think that makes the grand total six, not counting two trips to Vegas for Champion’s Week. The hubby & I headed to Dallas last weekend, where we got sit about 17 rows away from the racetrack. At Texas Motor Speedway, that experience will leave you breathless and covered in a thin film of rubber, debris and smoke. As you can see from the image below, the SPEED folks know how to throw a party at the track. , you crack me up. ;)

My first NASCAR race happened in 2007, where I traveled to Watkins Glen for the race when I was about seven months pregnant. Not kidding! I wasn’t the only very pregnant girl there, but I was the only one who wasn’t smoking and drinking. Not kidding again. I wasn’t a fan of the sport at all at that time, but soon began to follow it after experiencing a race in person. It is absolutely something you MUST do once, even if you don’t like NASCAR at all. It’s the perfect combination of order and chaos. Since then, I’ve sat in VIP seats with hot passes, cold passes, pit passes, you name it. I’ve been behind the scenes, in the scenes, nowhere near the scenes, with credentials, without credentials and that being said, I’ve met 80% of the drivers.  I’m hooked.

I’ve done you a favor here, condensing a four hour race into a four minute experience. It’s the Samsung Mobile 500. Enjoy!

Let me tell you, as I was taking all of various video clips during my trip to the race, I knew it should have Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” playing in the final cut. However; due to the potential for scary and costly copyright issues, I couldn’t do that. But it’s a fitting theme for my relationship with NASCAR. Why? Because of all of the crap and jokes my non-NASCAR fan friends like to dish out, which is about 99% of them. That’s why it’s a bad romance. I wish I didn’t like it, but I do. And I don’t see us splitting up any time soon. You know why? In addition to my feelings for NASCAR, I have two little boys who also love NASCAR. Hello COOLEST MOM EVER. At least until they’re teenagers.

Image: SpeedTV

My Kid Can Quote SIRIUS NASCAR Radio Slogan: What Can Yours Do?

Kid Loves Sirius Nascar radio

You can tell a lot about your life by listening to the entertaining words that fly out of the mouth of your 3-year-old child. As you can tell from this amusing video, we like 24/7 NASCAR Talk on SIRIUS. In fact, during the racing season, my radio rarely changes from being dialed in to channel 128. That would be SIRIUS radio. What can I say? I like being a smarty pants. And let me assure you, my kiddos probably absorb more about NASCAR than I do. Here’s the proof:


We’ll be headed to Texas Motor Speedway and I’m so excited because it’s a night race. That’s a great thing in Texas, because you avoid the searing heat that’s pretty common this time of year. It doesn’t have to be super hot to roast yourself crispy. I’ve learned that the hard way!

Anyway, thanks to all of SIRIUS NASCAR radio folks who flood our heads with interesting factoids, stats and humor during the NASCAR season – Dave Moody, Angie Skinner, Mike Bagley, Pistol Pete, Rick Benjamin, Chocolate Myers, the lovely Claire B Lang, Dave Ross & Buddy Baker. Sorry if I’m forgetting anyone. You’re the best! I’m standing up!

Danica Rocks, Daddies Roll & Miley Redeems Herself

SNL skits on Hulu

It’s been a busy weekend in the world of entertainment. Charlie Sheen’s insane ramblings and “duh, winning” continues to be among the most talked about topics, but I’m going to tackle a few other goodies instead. Danica Patrick, Jeff Gordon, Carl Edwards and Miley Cyrus. Odd combo? Yes, but I have my reasons. (See video at the end of this blog post if you must skip ahead for a laugh.)

Danica Patrick NASCAR

Danica Dominates in Vegas
Things got interesting at Las Vegas Motor Speedway this weekend as Danica Patrick snagged her best finish EVER in the Nationwide race on Saturday, coming in 4th. A top five finish proves she’s in NASCAR because she’s a talented driver, not just because she’s a pretty face and a hot body that makes a gazillion dollars for her sponsors. (Yes, I’m talking to you, GoDaddy.) I’m so excited for Danica and I hope this will shush the naysayers, at least for a while.

Carl Edwards NASCAR

Daddies Dominate in Vegas too…
Jeff Gordon raced to victory last week and Carl Edwards just snagged his first victory today in Vegas. Both drivers finally ended some rather lengthy losing streaks. I think this proves that just because you have sweet, innocent, adorable babies crawling, drooling at popping on your at home, doesn’t mean you’re a big old softy on the track. Last year, I asked Carl Edwards about whether or not fatherhood had changed him as a driver. He told me the answer was yes and no, which makes sense. He added that he was annoyed at people who think that would make him less of a driver. I think these two wins prove that diaper duty actually makes them better drivers.

Miley Cyrus SNL

Miley Cyrus on SNL Spells Redemption
If you didn’t catch Saturday Night Live last night, you missed a rather hilarious episode. Miley Cyrus was the guest hostess and I have to say, she was very cool about spoofing herself. I’m not a Miley fan, but I did respect her good sense of humor about… well, herself. SNL does a skit about Miley Cyrus having her own talk show and they totally rag on her. Miley was on that skit last night impersonating Justin Bieber. I thought it was super. Not that’s she’s laugh out loud funny, but it was definitely entertaining. Notice the way they spoof her dad… love that mullet!!! 

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Win $250 by Voting for the Cutest Fan Outfit!

Dressing up little kids is so much fun, especially for sporting events. Unlike adults, they look really adorable in crazy, bright, bold wacky fan gear. Sorry, I just can’t get over grown men in football jerseys and burly biker dudes in Kasey Kahne shirts.

Anyway, in honor of the M&M’S Most Colorful Fans of NASCAR Contest, you have a chance to win a $250 Visa Gift card by simply picking your favorite kiddo outfit. Celebrate mini fandom and win. It’s that easy! Choose a yellow Kyle Busch outfit for a little girl, a red and white Tony Stewart option for little boys or the sporty Jeff Gordon ensemble for girls (pictured above).

I put together three cute outfits that you can see and if you vote for your favorite by leaving a comment, you have entered to win. Think about how much cool fan gear you can snag with a $250 gift card. Lots and lots. Hop over to Babble and cast your vote today!

At Long Last: Rowdy Kyle Busch Drives Kimmy Car

“I want Kyle Busch in a pink car in a pink suit.”

The Toyota Sponsifier “Kimmy” commercial will go down in history as one of the all-time BEST television commercials ever. You might have to be a NASCAR fan to truly appreciate it, but everyone should get a chuckle out of it regardless. What’s better than making the guitar-smashing “Rowdy” Busch wear a pink suit with kitties on his helmet? Well, how about Kyle actually driving that car in real life. Yes, that would be better.

“I love you…no write that on the spoiler.”

Rumor has it that Kyle will be running a special Z-Line / Toyota Sponsafier car in the NASCAR Nationwide race at Richmond International Raceway on Saturday, Sept 10th.  The racecar is nearly identical to the pink car featured in the commercial; covered in kittens, puppies, horses and yes, even the baby seal!

I will be watching and hoping for another record-breaking win. I just wanna see that car in victory lane. How sweet! BTW, you can special order the diecast here.