Wig Party Idea for 2015: Embrace Your Inner Unicorn

Cathy Hale Wig Party

Cathy Hale Wig PartyIn early January, I was invited to a Wig Party for a friend’s birthday. I figured we’d all dig through our old costume bags, grab a brush and thrown on a wig. I was mistaken. This was a professional wig party at Coco Coquette on East Cesar Chavez in Austin.

CoCo Coquette is an incredible little vintage boutique with some of the coolest threads you’ve ever seen and they are a full-service ready-to-wear and custom wig shop. They do make-up too, so as they say on their website, you are sprinkled with enough glam and glitter to “embrace your inner unicorn.”

There’s a funky lounge area to relax and hang out with your gals, so it’s a great party spot for any occasion. Like, “Hey! I just paid my cell phone bill AND it’s Tuesday! Let’s have a wig party!”

We wanted to do it again around Valentine’s Day to celebrate our birthdays, but they were booked. So we did our own wig thing instead which was still super fun. My friends bought some wild wigs from Coco — the cray cray hot pink one and the purple Farrah Fawcett curls — and we hung out downtown. And since it’s Austin, nobody really noticed the wigs.

NOTE: Red wig is thanks to Coco Coquette styling. Blue wig is of my own devices. Video created with @Magisto:

Cathy Hale Coco Coquette PartyCathy Hale photoshoot

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