Drooling Over Edgemont Skinny Jeans: Why Paige Floats My Boat

If you’re into zippers and super-skinny jeans, get a load of these beauties. This is my favorite pair right now. All bow down to the Paige Premium Edgemont Skinny Super Rebellious jeans. Yummy. Sure, they’ll cost you a cool $259, but what’s not to love? I adore Paige jeans too. I bought my first pair waaay back in the day and still wear them. The fit is fabulous and although they stretch a tad, it’s not to the point that they don’t fit anymore. There’s just something wonderful about the craftsmanship and the fit. I’m putting these on my Wish List this holiday season, but I don’t think I’ve been good enough. Darn my sarcastic ways.

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