Brazilian Blowout: From Frizzy Skeptic to Sleek Believer

Brazilian Blowout MommyQ

Formaldehyde rumors won’t kill my hair buzz. Is the Brazilian Blowout my new BFF? Uhm, yes! My friend and wardrobe stylist, Lisa Kennedy of Kennedy Style, was extremely confident about the power of the Brazilian Blowout. Me being the frizzy-haired skeptic that I am, told her I would “believe it when I see it” as I sat in her salon chair. With flat iron in hand, she laughed and shook her head. And I must admit, she was RIGHT. These are pictures of me and notice the totally sleek, straight hair. Wow!

Brazilian Blowout MommyQ

I’ve heard my friends refer to the Brazilian Blowout as a “life changing” event. Obviously, this is really only true for those us that have naturally curly hair. Mine? It looks like a sad 80s perm – kinky, frizzy, BAD. I’ve had some of the best hair stylists in town try to fix my hair using my natural curls and by the end of it, they all agree I should wear my hair straight.

Why all the fuzz about the Brazilian Blowout? This is how Lisa describes it:

As a professional hair stylist, I have not seen anything like it. I think its revolutionary for the hair industry and will be around for a long time. I used to use smelly relaxers for people with curly hair and their hair would be dead straight. As soon as their hair started to grow it was obvious they had curly roots and straight mid-lengths and ends. With the Brazilian Blowout, you do get the ultra-straight result, but with the natural ‘fading’ back to your wave and curl over the 12 weeks to match your roots when it grows out. Think of it as a semi-permanent color that gradually fades so you don’t get the harsh regrowth line.

The first time I washed and dried my hair at home, I instantly noticed the difference. My hair was slightly wavy while it was wet, but as soon as I started drying it, the waves were gone. For the first time in a gazillion years, I dried my hair with a small round brush and NOTHING else. NO FLAT IRON. Can you even imagine?!? I sure do love my Chi, but I love it even more when it’s not on! This hair treatment saves me so much time getting ready – I can’t even explain it. As a mom, that’s gold, Jerry. Gold!

Read more about the Brazilian Blowout on Lisa’s blog, including a post that addresses the new formaldehyde issue, which seems to be non-issue anyway. Duh! Ready to make an appointment? Give Lisa a call or email her. Tell her MommyQ sent you! She’ll think that’s funny. 😉

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