Which is Worse: Gum in the Dryer or Walking Pneumonia?

How to remove gum in the dryer

It’s been a hectic few weeks, thanks to my extremely unattractive cough. I sounded like an 80-year-old woman who smokes two packs of Virginia Slims per day. No, I don’t smoke and I’m not 80 yet. The cough hit me out of nowhere and lingered. I knew it had to be bad if my husband told me to go to the doctor. Well, my kiddos were under the weather too, so I figured it was allergies. I ended up taking them to the pediatrician and we got antibiotics, so they were good to go. I woke up the very next day and felt like my lungs were full of fluid. The cough that seemed to be getting better got 10x worse overnight. I finally caved and took myself to the doctor.

As you know if you’ve taken your children to the doctor with you, it’s not fun. They think the visit is for them and I was trying to trick them by saying it was for me. When they finally realized I was telling the truth, they were cool. And then they were BORED. We were stuck in a tiny room with zero toys. It was 4:00 p.m. so they were tired. Not fun. The kiddos were wreaking havoc with two bouncy balls the nurse (who obviously doesn’t have young boys) gave them. They were bouncing them off the ceiling – literally. When the doctor asked me if I could stay longer for a chest x-ray, I came so close to declining. Then I thought, how much crazier can it get? She diagnosed me with bronchitis and a sinus infection. The next day, I got a call. They sent my x-rays to a radiologist who spotted pneumonia in my left lung. Whoopsy!

I’m feeling better, as you can tell by the fact that I’m actually sitting at a computer and writing semi-coherent thoughts. I’ve been knee-high in dirty clothes because if mommy doesn’t do the laundry, a magical fairy (called a maid) doesn’t show up and do it for me. Today I opened the dryer and removed a few shirts. I instantly noticed something sticky on them. Hmmm. Gum in the dryer! Collapsing on the floor into a pile of mucus and tears seemed like a great idea. I felt totally defeated and mortified. I grabbed some cleaner and started scrubbing. My husband appeared. I took my head out of the dryer to see he was holding a piece of paper. It had instructions for getting gum out of the dryer. Wet dryer sheets. Wet them, let them sit on the gum residue for about 20 minutes and it comes off like a charm.

To answer my own question, thanks to my hubby’s Google expertise, walking pneumonia is worse than gum in the dryer.

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