Google Instant: Why Should I Type at all?

More exciting news for all of us Google fanatics, Google Instant. According to Google, this newfangled search tool features “predictive, real-time” search results. Google Instant will save you 2-5 seconds per search. Uhm, maybe I’m totally ridiculous, but I never thought searching was a long process to begin with. That was the whole ease of Google. It was fast.

And what’s with “predictive” searches? Well, it seems this type of search shows you results before you finish typing. In other words, it’s psychic. Great. Now I have someone else telling me what I want. The kids, my husband and my laptop. Super.

I’m not sure why this Google Instant concept is so newsworthy because 2-5 seconds isn’t a big thing to me. If I didn’t have to type at all  – now that would be exciting. It would save my back from the pain of sitting, typing and slouching all day. I wouldn’t have to deal with sticky keyboard keys or pieces of cookies getting lodged under the cracks by the space bar or my missing Alt key. Why not ditch the keyboard all together, Google? Let’s go ahead and take it to the psychic level now. We know you’ve got the technology tucked away in a tin Sucrets box.

I guess you save precious time by not clicking the Enter key? Sure, pick on the poor soon-to-be obsolete Enter key by making it an outcast. I happen to like the Enter key because it does good things. I’m done. I hit Enter. I get closure. Without the Enter, there is no closure and you know how much humans need that. How do I know my search is over? Enter key. How do I know things are in motion? Enter key.

Maybe the next Google announcement will be about psychic searches and they will call it Google World Domination. I would totally read about that.

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