The Denim Jeans Dilemma

I’ve always been a fan of designer jeans. In fact, when I was in middle school I saved money to buy a pair of Guess jeans.  They were light blue with zippers at the ankles and I think they cost around $80. I loved them! As an adult, I still love designer jeans.  I don’t shop according to brands, but I tend to like the pricey ones. I wear jeans a lot – like a uniform – so it doesn’t bother to me to spend a bit on them. I’m also not willing to sacrifice style for price. If they don’t look good, I won’t wear them anyway. Now that would be a waste of money.

I almost fell off my chair when I read this article on Yahoo! Shine that says Women Spend an Average of $34 on Jeans.  How is that even possible? I’m lucky if I find a pair that fit well and look good for under $100. Most of my jeans probably cost $125 – $200, but I wear them until they fall apart. Aside from the price, the article says most women own seven pairs of jeans and only wear four of those pairs regularly.

I just blogged about five pairs of seriously bootylicious jeans over on Family Style ( These jeans are flattering from every angle. I picked a range of prices, brands and styles. Take a look and let me know which ones you like! After all, ample butts are “in” for Summer 2010.

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