Family Life is in Bloom at Momologie

Momologie is my new favorite daily newsletter! I know you already gets lots of email, but this one is worth the space.

Momologie is a free daily newsletter and website that delivers must – read information for living family life to the fullest.  It is the one-stop location for practical, creative recommendations, tips, and picks that are a simple reflection of every mom’s lifestyle and personality.  These daily emails are addicting and you’ll be sure to love the tidbits of inspirational and creative information focused on home / organizing, holidays / celebrations, personal style, food / recipes, and travel.  As a bonus, Momologie subscribers have the chance of winning great items through the giveaways offered within the daily newsletter.  Michele and Gia from MiGi launched Momologie in the fall – smart girls!

Hop on over to Momologie and have some fun! Also, check out a Momologie’s giveaway on Droolicious. Enter to win an adorable 4-piece MiGi Baby Bedding Set.  The drawing will be held on Mother’s Day 2010!

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