Monster Trucks? Oh Yeah, They Rock.

If you haven’t been to a MONSTER JAM show yet, you’re really missing out. We went a couple of months ago and it was AWESOME! Am I a redneck? No. Do I brush my teeth with Dr. Pepper? Never. Do I think Old Spice is classy? Nope.

I’m just your average college-educated, living-in-the-suburbs, driving-my-Mercedes-around-town kinda gal. And I happen to like Monster Trucks. We spent about $20 per ticket and took the kids. It is so loud, your whole body vibrates. We had headsets for the kiddos, which I highly recommend. It is L-O-U-D.

The drivers put on a great show and even I was super-excited when they brought out the soon-to-be-smashed cars. There’s just something cool about seeing a huge truck smash little cars. Monster Mutt is really quite cute with his flapping tongue and puppy-like ears. Worth every penny!

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