Cozy Batwing Sweater & Heidi Announces Maternity Lines

Cable Batwing Maternity Sweater

Maybe it’s because the weather has been so cold or maybe it’s because this looks so super-duper cozy. No matter what the reason is I love this maternity sweater. This is the Cable Batwing Sweater at Isabella Oliver and it’s on sale now for $167.

Speaking of looking fab with a baby bump, my favorite momtrepreneur, Heidi Klum, announced today she is working on two maternity lines. It’s about time! She chases around her four kiddos and still has time to do Project Runway, design jewelry and clothes and look incredible the whole time. Now that is talent, my friends.

Lavish and Loved will debut online and in stores February 12, 2010. A Pea In The Pod and Motherhood will carry her items. Lavish features iconic looks and Loved is affordable. (We’ll see!) Read more about it here!

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