Reversible Smock Dress: Double The Cuteness


I vauguely remember wearing reversible dresses as a child. My mom was (and is) quite the seamstress. She made my sister and I many halters and smock dresses. What I’m wondering is why didn’t that concept catch on for women? Would it really be that difficult to make a reversible, fashionable dress for women? Hmmm.

Anyway, for now I’ll rave about this beauty for little girls. This is the Reversible Smock Dress for toddlers and youths. It’s a wonderful vintage-inspired look featuring retrolicious prints. It buttons at the shoulders. Easy-fitting and adorable. Cotton. Machine wash. Made in USA and imported. It’s $48 at Chasing Fireflies!

2 thoughts on “Reversible Smock Dress: Double The Cuteness

  1. M. says:

    Do you know what brand this is? Chasing fireflies is awesome, but I hate how they never have who actually made the item! Thanks, M.

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